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Why should you use HomeLinkd’s internet speed test?

Picture this: You're settling in for an evening of streaming your favorite show or engaging in a heated online gaming session, only to be met with buffering and lag. Frustrating, right?  

Gaining a stable online link is crucial in today's tech-driven world. HomeLinkd's speed test will help you discover whether your connection is living up to its standards AND cost.

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How does HomeLinkd’s speed test work?

We use reliable technology to provide accurate results. After a quick process, you'll get an instant result that will tell you if your connection is faster or slower than expected.  

Our online speed test is completely free and can be used from any device.

Internet terms to remember

Download speed

The rate at which data is transferred from the internet to your device, in a single second.

Upload speed

The rate at which data is transferred from your device to the internet, in a single second.  

Ping (Latency)

No, this isn’t what used to be on BlackBerry Messenger. Ping is the time it takes for a small set of data to travel from your device to a server on the internet and back to your device again.

Enhance your internet speed with these top tips:

To ensure you're getting the best performance possible, take a look at our tips to enhance your internet speed.  

Change your router location:

Router location impacts internet speeds. Ensure your router is located in a central location within your home or office, away from walls and other electronic appliances. Appliances like microwaves can interfere with your router's signal.  

Restart your modem:

A simple reboot of your modem or router can help reset any software or hardware that may be causing a decrease in speed.

Upgrade your router:

If your router is more than a few years old, it may not be able to handle the demands of today's internet traffic. Consider upgrading to a newer router for better performance.

Change your internet service provider:

If you've done all you can to optimize your network but still aren't getting the speeds you need, it may be time to change your internet plan.

Compare our plans from top providers and find out which ones match your online expectations.

What is a good internet speed for you?

The speeds you need will depend on the activities you intend to use the internet for.  

Take a look at what you can do with these speeds:  


Internet download speed

Works for

Ideal number of users

0 – 5 Mbps

- Emails
- Web browsing

1 – 2 people

5 – 40 Mbps

- Streaming HD video on one device
- Video conferencing  
- Online gaming for one player
- One person working from home

3 – 4 people

40 – 100 Mbps

- Streaming HD video on a few devices
- Multiplayer online gaming
- Downloading large files

5 – 7 people

100 – 500 Mbps

- Streaming UHD and 4K video on multiple devices
- Downloading large files at high speed
- Multiplayer online gaming
- Multiple people working from home

8 - 10 people

500 - 1000 Mbps

- Multiple users performing numerous activities on multiple devices, simultaneously

More than 10 people

Best internet service providers:

AT&T Fiber
Century Link

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FAQs for internet speed tests

What are the benefits of running an internet speed test?

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Running an internet speed test can help you identify issues with your internet connection and suggest possible solutions.

How often should I run an internet speed test?

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Run speed tests as regularly as possible to ensure your internet connection is performing as it should be. This will also help you quickly identify any changes in speed or performance.

What is the fastest internet speed I can get?

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The fastest speeds available will depend on your location and network provider.  AT&T offers plans up to 1000Mbps.

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