HomeLinkd offers an easy way to find and compare internet, TV and home security service providers. We aim to provide you with the widest selection of TV and internet brands, all the information you need on what’s available in your area —and how to make the best home security choices for your unique needs.

What we do: Get you connected, the smart way.

We present the easiest way to compare internet, TV and home security by budget, location and speed requirements, with our service provider platform.

Everyone should have access to the best connectivity, no matter their budget requirements, where they live or their lifestyle preferences. At HomeLinkd, we believe there’s always a great solution available.

We have no preferences, we give you the information you need on a product or service through relatable content written just for you.
It's all about our customers. With speed, coverage and comparison tools, we ensure that you are in the best position to make informed choices suited to your needs.

We offer you a way to enhance how you live, with home solutions —all in one place.

How we’re different: we value you.

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We want you to have information.
That’s why we provide great, factual information to assist you in your quest for connection.  We believe it makes decisions easier. HomeLinkd offers great, informed content, hot tips and insights into internet, TV and home security.

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We want you to have choice.
That’s why we have a wide range of products and service providers, across America —with a platform that makes comparison easy. We believe you deserve the best type of connection available. This is to ensure that each choice with Homelinkd —no matter the individual needs —is a good one

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We want it to be convenient.
We provide a range of home solutions to enhance your life, in one place. We believe decision-making should be an easy process. That’s why HomeLinkd provides a convenient service provider platform, with easy-to-digest information on speed, location and price -and helpful comparison tools.

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We believe in value.
We believe that you deserve value beyond price. We know that no two homes (or people) are the same. This is why we give our customers the right mix of benefits for their unique budget and lifestyle.

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What does HomeLinkd sell?

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HomeLinkd offers an easy way to find, compare, and purchase a variety of internet, TV and home security services.  We provide this through our trusted partners -to enhance your life, all in one place.

Who processes my order on HomeLinkd?

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We have a team of experienced, knowledgable, young and tech-savvy associates who will handle your order. They will ask you all the information needed over a secure network to process your order and get you set up.

Is HomeLinkd free to use?

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HomeLinkd is free to use for our customers.  We have formed mutually beneficial agreements with our providers to bring you the best home solutions in one place, at no additional cost to you.

Why Choose HomeLinkd

HomeLinkd is your one-stop provider of smart living solutions. Everything we offer aims to make your life easier. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with simple, reliable solutions that answer to your lifestyle.