Internet vs Wifi. What’s the difference?

Internet    27/10/2020    3 minute read

In this Digital Age, there are so many new technological terms conceived daily, that it can be hard to keep up. Knowing the difference between Internet, Wifi, UPS, data, bandwidth, routers or gigabytes can be a challenge, even for the most tech-savvy.

Starting with the basics, one of the most frequently confused or misunderstood technological advancements are Wifi and the Internet. For many years, people have been using these terms interchangeably, when in fact, they are two entirely different things.

Among other things, knowing the difference can help you troubleshoot problems at home and purchase the right equipment for your network. If you’re looking to improve your tech lingo and understanding, this is the place to start. So, what’s the difference?

Putting it in the simplest way, this is an alternative to using network cables to get your devices connected to a Local Area Network (LAN).

Previously, the only way to connect your devices was through using network cables. These cables were restrictive and inconvenient because they anchored you to a cable in order to get connection. A Wifi network is essentially a wireless solution to a local network.

These networks are hosted by a router. Routers are responsible for allowing your devices to communicate with one another. By using a router, your devices can share data, print, and stream files stored on them through the wireless local network.

To get connected to the Internet, you need to connect your router to an Internet source, like a broadband modem. Generally, the Internet provider of your choice will provide you with a modem. Once you plug your router into a modem, the devices on your wireless local network (Wifi)

“The Internet is what’s known as a wide area network, or WAN, which is a vast network linking computers from around the world. These may be standalone computers or local area networks connected via a slew of routers. So, connect your own wireless network, and you’re suddenly part of one ginormous global network - the Internet.”

It’s like a massive network of networks that connects many computers globally to allow users at one computer to interact or share information with users at another computer, as long as they’re connected to the web.Now that you’ve got the gist of these tech terms, you can start your journey to getting connected by checking out our list of the Best Internet Providers in 2020.

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