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Are you in need of speed? If you’re in search of faster internet speeds, look no further than Homelinkd’s guide to getting quick connection. We’re breaking down the free tips and tricks you’ll need to get faster speeds online, in no time. 
Whether you’re wondering about what fast internet actually is, inquisitive about how to get great speeds for free, or thinking about changing your ISP so you can download and upload faster than the speed of fiber — you’ll find out how to increase your internet speed, here.

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Internet speeds explained

So, you know you need fast connection — but how is internet speed measured, and how can you calculate your connection speed?
Measuring your internet connection speed is simple. Internet speed is determined by how much data your connection can upload and download per second.

This data is usually measured in “Mbps” (megabits per second), because this is current speed most connections can achieve today.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) stipulates a minimum broadband internet connection download speed of 25Mbps, and upload speed of 3Mbps — which gives us a good gauge of acceptable connection. 
Although the discrepancy between good upload and download speeds may seem odd, any internet expert will tell you that most connections rely on faster download speeds to work efficiently. This is because we’re often downloading more data than we’re uploading. If you’re trying to figure out whether the speed you’ve got is considered “good” you should look to the minimum broadband speed requirements as a baseline.
But, we all know that connection requirements differ from household to household depending on individual needs. And, while you may have the fastest speed on the block, the number of devices connected to your internet, and the type of browsing they’re doing can affect your speed.

Just want to crunch the numbers? Do an internet connection speed test here

Try these 6 easy tips to speed up your internet for free

Now that you know how connection speed is determined, let’s talk about free and easy tips to get faster internet speeds.

Homelinkd’s tips will help you get faster upload and download speeds for your home. Whether you’re browsing the net, playing games online, streaming series, replying to emails, scrolling social media or working from home — your internet connection speed matters.

Why does internet connection speed matter?
Your download speeds matter when you’re using data for most of your entertainment needs. Faster download rates mean you can use more data, and get better content and picture quality. This turns into better quality streaming, gaming and social media browsing. 
With the rise in numbers of those working from home, your internet speeds can also determine how well you’re able to do your job. Over 81% of Americans working from home use video conferencing services like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to do their job — a trend likely to continue — which means faster internet speeds are more important than ever before.  

1. Change your data cap 
Because your internet speed is directly affected by the number of devices on your home network, changing the data usage (or cap) on each device can improve your internet speeds. 

You can change your data cap on mobile devices and your PC, depending on which device you’re using at any point in time. 

This helps your at-home router give priority to specific devices, giving you the power to control which ones have faster speeds.

How do you change your data cap?


Now, each device in your home will be correctly prioritized on your network, giving better speeds to more important devices.

2. Reset your router
If your router isn’t giving you the internet speed you’re expecting, you can reboot it.

When you reboot your router, it will be forced to choose the best channel with the least interference when it starts up again. A super simple trick to get faster internet speeds. 

3. Change your router’s position
While we agree that not all routers are beautiful additions to your home décor, keeping your router tucked away where it can’t be seen can negatively impact your internet speed. Walls, cupboards, bookshelves, and the like can obstruct your home wi-fi signal. 

Simply moving your router to a place free from obstructions can have a major impact on your internet speeds. 

Want to know the best place to put your router? Wired gives great tips about where you can put your router to optimize internet speeds.

4. Block unwanted ads
Did you know unwanted ads can consume up to 79% of mobile users’ data?
Simply installing an ad blocking app on your mobile device can massively reduce the amount of data you’re using in your home. 

Try Comparitech’s list of best 2021 ad blockers to stop your connected devices slowing your internet speed. 

5. Install virus and malware scanning software  
It’s never a bad idea to install malware scanning software on your devices.
Not only does it help to protect your PC and mobile, it can also give you faster internet speeds.

If your PC or mobile device has undetected malware of viruses, this can heavily impact your ability to browse with speed.

Here’s our list of the best malware scanning software in 2021: 

6. Clear your cache
What is cache? Cache, pronounced “cash”, is temporary data stored on mobiles or PC’s designed to make your browsing experience better. Some sites will store files, images or data on your devices to make web pages download quicker each time you visit.

While this is intended to make your browsing experience better, if too many files are stored on your devices, for sites you don’t regularly visit, this can negatively impact your internet speed. 

Clearing your cache can mean your devices run faster, improving your internet speed. Find out how to clear your cache on all major browsers, here. 

Compare Internet Plans for Home

Now that you know exactly how to get faster internet speeds at home for free, it’s time to think about getting the fastest internet, from reliable ISP’s, who don’t leave you wanting more speed.

Homelinkd offers you the best service providers across the US, with the fastest internet speeds available in your area. Easily compare providers based on your needs, by line speed, price and location, today. 

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