Five Ways Technology Has Improved Home Security

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In the ‘90s and early 2000s, home security consisted mostly of a basic alarm system with beam sensors by the windows or doors and a CCTV camera at the property’s entrance. Before that, security consisted of a dog and a lock around your gate. Not very advanced. Today, there is no limit to the ways in which technology has improved home security. HomeLinkd looks at how technological advancements have become a game changer for home security and offers two state-of-the-art home security systems from Vivint and ADT for homeowners.

What makes up a home security system?

Technology has changed the way we protect our homes, and the valuable people and belongings inside of them.
A home security system is a comprehensive piece of equipment that gives you –the homeowner –the control —instead of leaving it up to emergency services. It may incorporate several devices and tools to give you 100% protection. These features could be the ability to lock or unlock doors with a touch of button; the ability to view your front door on your phone while you’re away on holiday; or the ability to detect the difference between cars, people and animals.

5 ways tech has reshaped home security

1. Smart Body Heat Detectors

Smart body heat detectors will sound off an alarm if a person comes across one of the sensors. It cannot be duped by extra layers of clothing or a plastic bag, as some criminals have tried to do. They can also tell the difference between human and pet heat, ensuring that your pets will not set off the alarm during their evening patrol.

2. Mobile Integration

Almost everything can be done with an app on your phone —and monitoring your home’s security is one of them. Features like triggering or turning off an alarm, pushing a panic button, reviewing video footage on a particular day or receiving a smoke detection alert can all be set up and sent to your mobile device.

3. Smart Locks
You can lock and unlock doors with a smart lock through a mobile app on your phone. This comes in handy when you’re on vacation and you’re waiting for your house sitter to arrive. It’s also helpful when you’ve already gotten in bed, but you haven’t locked all the doors.

4. High Resolution Video
Long gone are the days of grainy, pixelated video footage! Video surveillance has seen major upgrades in the last few years, with cameras upgrading from 480 pixels to 720 and 1080 pixels. You can also find cameras in 4K HD footage, which is the same quality as many smart TVs and smartphones.

5. Facial Recognition
We have Face ID on our iPhones and Android phones, and now we’re seeing it in home security. With doorbell cameras, you can now train your security systems to identify and distinguish between someone new and someone who has visited previously.

Home security in the future: What’s to come?

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning is not new to the security systems of airports or government buildings, but it is new for home security systems. Machine learning and AI makes it easier to detect threats, monitor unusual or new behaviors, recognize patterns and so much more. It’ll be like having your own FBI agent looking after your home.

2. Mini Microphones

The mobile assistants have in our phones (Siri and Alexa) will soon be getting a promotion. Our future homes will soon have mini microphones built into them so that you can access voice commands wherever you are in the house.

3.Health Sensors

Health sensors will be able to store all our medical history, track certain things like blood-oxygen levels, and alert you if you are showing signs of sickness or medical trouble.

Compare and choose a HomeLinkd security system

HomeLinkd has two unique and trustworthy home security systems on offer. Take a look at the pros, cons, features and prices below:

1. Vivint Smart Home

About Vivint
The forward-thinking home security system by Vivint gives you 360 degrees of protection: Your front door, the inside of your home, and the outside. You’re able to monitor all aspects of your home from their easy-to-use app on your phone or tablet.

Top Features


Smart Security Monitoring package at $29.99 per month
Smart Home Monitoring package at $39.99
Smart Home Video Monitoring at $44.99 per month.


There is an installation fee of $99, which is once-off and you’ll have to purchase the equipment before installation which costs $549.99. However, you can pay off the equipment cost over 60 months at $9.17per month with no interest or down payment.

2. ADT Home Security System

About ADT
‍ADT is one of the longest-standing and most trusted names in home security. Their security systems come in a variety of packages that cover front door monitoring, pet motion detection, quick access to fire and police authorities, garage and lighting controls, and more.

Top Features


Complete Monitoring Bundle at $36.99 per month
Premium Bundle 2 + Cell Guard at $44.99 per month
Command Tier 1 Remote Access at $52.99 per month
ADT Command Tier 3 + Video + Home Automation at $62.99 per month


There are installation fees for all packages starting at $99 once-off, which the fourth package having a $199 installation fee. In addition, most of the packages are DIY installation and you’ll have to buy the full security system to get professional installation.

Compare security systems with Homelinkd

Home security has come a long way in recent years, with many technological advancements making households safer than ever before. Now, no matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured your possessions, property and loved ones are safe and sound.

Compare and shop Vivint and ADT home security systems with HomeLinkd!

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