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Home security services have evolved significantly over the years, transforming from simple alarm systems to advanced smart home technology. As technology continues to advance, Vivint smart home security and security camera systems have emerged as a leading choice for homeowners seeking comprehensive protection. These innovative solutions offer an array of features designed to enhance safety and convenience in modern living spaces. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Vivint's cutting-edge products and services. We'll explore the benefits of Vivint smart home security, including how it can help safeguard your property while simplifying daily tasks. We'll then evaluate the various Vivint systems available, so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

In addition, we'll examine the advantages offered by smart home automation systems that seamlessly integrate with Vivint's robust offerings. Finally, our discussion will focus on Vivint's state-of-the-art security camera systems – such as indoor cameras like Ping Camera or outdoor options like Outdoor Camera Pro – featuring impressive capabilities like color night vision and improved video quality. By delving deeper into what sets these devices apart from competitors' offerings, you'll gain valuable insights into why so many individuals are choosing to secure their homes with Vivint smart home security and security camera systems.

What is Vivint smart home security?

Vivint Smart Home Security is a comprehensive home security system offering the latest in automation technology, such as remote access, motion sensors and video surveillance for maximum protection. With Vivint's cutting-edge equipment and 24/7 professional monitoring services, you can ensure the safety of your family and property while enjoying increased convenience and peace of mind.

Remote access

With Vivint's intuitive mobile app or web portal, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Arm or disarm your system, view live camera feeds, and receive notifications for any triggered alarms or events - all from your smartphone or tablet.

Motion sensors

  • Intrusion Detection: Advanced motion detectors distinguish between humans and pets, providing an added layer of protection against break-ins by alerting you when there's unexpected movement inside your house.
  • Flood & Freeze Protection: Some packages include flood/freeze sensors that notify you if water leaks are detected or if temperatures drop below a certain threshold - helping prevent costly damages due to flooding or frozen pipes.

Video surveillance

Vivint presents cameras with night vision, two-way audio, wide-angle lenses and cloud storage for recorded videos both indoors and outdoors.

Smart home integration

Vivint's systems integrate seamlessly with various smart home devices like video doorbells, automated locks, thermostats, garage door controllers, and more. Create a fully connected ecosystem within your home that can be controlled from one central hub - making everyday tasks simpler while providing an enhanced level of safety and convenience.

Protect your home and loved ones with Vivint Smart Home Security - the ultimate solution for modern homeowners.

Benefits of Vivint smart home security

Vivint Smart Home Security provides enhanced safety and security, convenience, energy savings, and peace of mind to homeowners. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, you can rest assured that your home is protected while enjoying the many advantages this system provides.

Enhanced safety and security

Protect your family and property with Vivint's motion sensors, video surveillance cameras, door locks, and window sensors. Potential intruders are detected before they can cause harm or damage.

Convenient control

Control your home from anywhere in the world with Vivint's smart home systems. Arm or disarm your alarm system remotely, or unlock doors for guests without being physically present at home.

Easy-to-use mobile app

  • Remote access: Access all features on-the-go via the Vivint mobile app.
  • User-friendly interface: Easily navigate through different settings within the app.
  • Prompt notifications: Receive real-time alerts when there's an event requiring attention (e.g., unauthorized entry).

Energy savings

Vivint's smart thermostats learn your habits and preferences to automatically adjust temperature settings when you're away from home or asleep. This results in energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

Peace of mind

With Vivint's professional monitoring team, your property is monitored 24/7. In case of an emergency, such as a break-in or fire, the Vivint monitoring station will quickly respond to ensure help arrives promptly.

Investing in Vivint's advanced technology not only increases safety and security but also provides convenience and cost-saving benefits. Check out Vivint's website for more information.

Types of Vivint smart home systems

Vivint offers several smart home systems to meet the needs of any homeowner. These include basic packages with motion sensors and cameras, as well as more advanced packages with additional features like door locks and thermostats. Let's dive into the specifics of each package available from Vivint.

Smart protect: Basic package

The Smart Protect package is perfect for those who want a simple yet effective security system. It includes motion sensors for doors and windows, a touchscreen control panel called the Smart Hub, a mobile app (Vivint App) that allows you to monitor your system remotely, 24/7 professional monitoring services, and an indoor camera (Ping Camera).

Smart control + video monitoring service bundle: Premium package

If you're looking for added convenience and automation in addition to security, consider the Smart Control package. This bundle adds on a Doorbell Camera Pro which provides color night vision and improved video quality compared to standard doorbell cameras, a Nest Cam Battery outdoor camera - an alternative option if you prefer Google Nest products over Vivint's own Outdoor Camera Pro, voice control integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and a Kwikset electronic door lock allowing remote access via the Vivint App.

Add-ons & customization options

In addition to the packages mentioned above, Vivint offers a variety of add-on devices to enhance your smart home security system. Some popular options include the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro - an advanced outdoor camera with color night vision and motion detection capabilities, Element Thermostat - a smart thermostat that can be controlled remotely through the Vivint App for energy savings and convenience, and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, flood sensors, and glass break detectors for added safety measures.

No matter which package or add-ons you choose, Vivint's smart home systems provide comprehensive protection and automation features tailored to fit your needs. With various options available at different price points, there is sure to be a solution perfect for any homeowner seeking enhanced home security.

Key Thought:

Vivint offers different smart home systems to cater to homeowners' needs, from basic packages with motion sensors and cameras to more advanced ones with additional features like door locks and thermostats. The Smart Protect package includes motion sensors for doors and windows, a touchscreen control panel called the Smart Hub, a mobile app that allows remote monitoring of the system, 24/7 professional monitoring services, and an indoor camera. Meanwhile, the premium Smart Control + Video Monitoring Service Bundle adds on a Doorbell Camera Pro providing color night vision & improved video quality compared to standard doorbell cameras; Nest Cam Battery outdoor camera; voice control integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant; Kwikset electronic door lock allowing remote access via Vivint App.

Advantages of smart home automation systems

Smart home automation systems, like those offered by Vivint, provide a multitude of advantages for homeowners. These benefits range from increased convenience and control to energy savings and enhanced security. In this section, we will explore some of the most significant advantages that come with investing in a Vivint smart home system.

Convenience and control

A Vivint smart home system provides remote control of your household, enabling you to easily adjust settings or set up automated schedules from any location with the user-friendly app. Vivint's app enables users to effortlessly manage their lighting, locks, thermostats and other connected gadgets from any place on the planet using a smartphone or tablet. This level of control allows you to adjust settings on-the-go or set up automated schedules for added convenience.

Energy savings

A smart home setup can provide you with the capacity to manage when particular devices are activated or deactivated, thus decreasing energy expenditure and being environmentally friendly. For example, setting up an automated schedule for your lights ensures they're only on when needed - saving both electricity costs and reducing environmental impact.

Additionally, having remote access to your thermostat means you can easily adjust temperature settings while away from home - preventing wasted energy usage during unoccupied periods.

Enhanced security measures

Vivint's advanced security features not only protect against intruders but also give homeowners peace-of-mind knowing their property is safe at all times. The integration between motion sensors, cameras (both indoor & outdoor), door locks (smart lock options available), window sensors, and glass break detectors provides comprehensive coverage around every corner ensuring no area goes unnoticed.

  • Motion sensors: Detect movement within designated areas inside/outside your home, triggering alerts or activating cameras as needed.
  • Cameras: Monitor your property in real-time with high-definition video feeds accessible from any device connected to the internet.
  • Door locks: Remotely lock/unlock doors for added security and convenience. Grant temporary access codes to guests or service providers without needing physical keys.

In summary, investing in a Vivint smart home automation system offers numerous advantages that can enhance both your daily life and overall sense of security. From increased control over household devices to energy savings and improved safety measures, these systems are an excellent addition to any modern residence.

Key Thought:

Investing in a Vivint smart home automation system provides homeowners with increased convenience and control, energy savings, and enhanced security measures. With the user-friendly app, users can remotely manage their lights, locks, thermostat and other devices from anywhere using their smartphone or tablet. The integration between motion sensors, cameras (both indoor & outdoor), door locks (smart lock options available), window sensors and glass break detectors provide comprehensive coverage around every corner ensuring no area goes unnoticed.

Vivint security camera systems

When it comes to safeguarding your residence, caution is essential. That's why Vivint offers a range of top-notch security cameras to keep your home safe and secure.

Outdoor cameras

Vivint's outdoor cameras provide exceptional HD video quality, even in low-light conditions, and are designed to withstand the elements with infrared night vision capabilities. With infrared night vision capabilities, you can rest easy knowing that your property is being monitored around the clock.

  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro: This advanced camera features Smart Sentry technology that can detect potential intruders and notify them they're being watched through its built-in speaker. It also has wide-angle lenses for better coverage and two-way audio communication.
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro: A sleek doorbell camera that allows you to see who's at your front door from anywhere using the Vivint app. It includes package protection alerts, ensuring you know when deliveries arrive or if someone tries to take them without permission.

Indoor cameras

Keep an eye on what matters most inside your home with Vivint's indoor cameras featuring crisp HD video quality and two-way audio communication.

  • Vivint Ping Camera: This versatile indoor camera comes equipped with one-touch callout functionality so family members can easily get in touch with each other while monitoring their surroundings. The wide-angle lens ensures maximum coverage within any room it's placed in.

Vivint also offers various packages tailored towards specific needs such as pet owners, families with children, or those looking for extra surveillance around their property. These packages include combinations of outdoor and indoor cameras, along with other smart home devices like door locks and thermostats.

One major advantage of Vivint's security camera systems is the seamless integration with their Smart Hub. Vivint's Smart Hub enables you to access your cameras from any location via a single app on your mobile device, making it effortless to observe your residence remotely. Plus, Vivint offers 24/7 professional monitoring services that can quickly respond to any potential threats detected by the system.

Don't gamble with the safety of your home. Opt for Vivint's cutting-edge surveillance camera systems and experience serenity understanding that you're engaging in preventive steps to safeguard your family and possessions.

Key Thought:

Vivint offers a range of top-notch security cameras to keep your home safe and secure, including outdoor cameras that can withstand the elements and provide crystal-clear HD video quality. Their indoor cameras feature crisp HD video quality and two-way audio communication, with seamless integration through their Smart Hub for easy monitoring from anywhere in the world. Choose Vivint's top-of-the-line security camera systems for peace of mind knowing you're protecting what matters most - your family and property.

Secure your home with Vivint

Looking for a smart home security system that's easy to use and customizable? Look no further than Vivint. With a range of packages to choose from, you can create a tailored solution that meets your specific needs.

Vivint starter kit

The Vivint Starter Kit is perfect for those just starting out with smart home security. It includes a touchscreen control panel, motion sensor, window/door sensors, water sensor, smoke detector, glass break detector, and 24/7 professional monitoring services.

Vivint smart home video package

If video surveillance is a priority, upgrade to the Vivint Smart Home Video Package. In addition to the Starter Kit, this plan includes indoor and/or outdoor cameras or a doorbell camera, allowing you to monitor your property remotely through live streaming or recorded footage.

Vivint complete automation package

For complete control over your home's security and energy usage, choose the Vivint Complete Automation Package. This plan includes all the components of the Starter Kit and Smart Home Video Package, plus automated door locks, a smart thermostat, and a garage door controller.

Customizing your Vivint system

Vivint understands that every home is unique, so they offer the option to customize your smart home system. Mix and match devices to create a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. From additional cameras for larger properties to extra sensors for added security, you have the freedom to design a system that works best for you.

Investing in a Vivint smart home security system provides peace of mind knowing your family and property are protected around-the-clock. Take advantage of cutting-edge tech to easily and conveniently safeguard your residence.

For more information on Vivint's smart home security systems, visit our deals page.

Key Thought:

Vivint offers customizable smart home security systems to meet your specific needs. Choose from packages such as the Starter Kit, Smart Home Video Package, or Complete Automation Package for complete control over your home's security and energy usage. With advanced technology and 24/7 professional monitoring services, investing in a Vivint system provides peace of mind knowing that your family and property are protected around-the-clock.


What is the top-rated home security system?

The best home security system varies based on individual preferences, but popular choices include SimpliSafe, ADT, Frontpoint, and Vivint due to its smart home integration features.

What technology does Vivint use?

Vivint uses wireless communication protocols like Z-Wave and Wi-Fi, along with cellular backup connections, to ensure seamless operation of devices like cameras, sensors, door locks, and thermostats even during power or internet outages. Learn more about Vivint's smart home technology here.


Secure your property with Vivint's smart home security and camera systems, perfect for homeowners, renters, mobile homes owners, families, and gamers. Experience the convenience of managing your home from anywhere in the world with Vivint's automation options, while also enjoying energy savings.

Get peace of mind with Vivint's high-quality video surveillance capabilities offered by their security camera systems. Invest in Vivint smart home security today for a reliable way to protect your property and enjoy modern conveniences. Still not sold on the camera system? Here are some alternative security tips and products to keep your home safe.

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