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When seeking information on the different packages and services offered by Vivint, a provider of smart home security systems, it's essential to talk about their extensive range of products and features. Vivint, a top provider of smart home security systems, offers an array of solutions tailored to fit individual needs for safety and convenience.

In this blog post, we will explore Vivint's comprehensive camera lineup that includes indoor and outdoor options as well as video doorbells with advanced features like Active deterrence. Additionally, you'll discover how their smart home features integrate seamlessly with 24/7 monitoring services for unparalleled protection.

We'll also discuss flexible financing options such as loans offered by Vivint and five-year repayment plans under contract agreements. Furthermore, innovative offerings like Car Guard feature for real-time location tracking and smart drive storage solution for extended footage retention will be covered.

Last but not least, you can expect a thorough comparison between Vivint security packages versus ADT security packages to make an informed decision when choosing your ideal smart home security system provider. By the end of this post, you'll have all the necessary information on the different packages and services offered by Vivint at your fingertips.

Vivint's comprehensive camera lineup

Vivint's comprehensive camera lineup offers reliable and advanced home security solutions with indoor and outdoor cameras.

Indoor and outdoor camera options

Vivint's Ping Indoor Camera and Outdoor Security Camera Pro offer clear HD video footage, night vision capabilities, and two-way audio communication.

Video doorbell for added security

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has person detection technology to minimize false alarms and sends notifications directly to your smartphone when someone approaches or rings the bell.

Advanced features like active deterrence

  • Built-in warning system: The outdoor security camera Pro activates red LED lights to scare off potential intruders.
  • Person detection: Vivint's cameras use advanced algorithms to differentiate between humans and other moving objects, reducing false alarms.

Vivint's camera lineup integrates seamlessly with their smart home ecosystem, allowing for easy control of all devices through the Vivint app or voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart home security with 24/7 monitoring services

Experience the convenience and safety of Vivint's smart home security systems, complete with 24/7 monitoring services.

Keychain remote controls for easy access

Arm or disarm your security system with ease using Vivint's handy keychain remote controls, eliminating the need for complex codes or app navigation.

Disaster protection measures for peace of mind

Protect your home from fires and floods with Vivint's integrated smoke detectors and water sensors, designed to alert you in case of emergencies.

Integration with virtual assistants for hands-free control

  • Amazon Alexa: Control your smart home devices with voice commands through Amazon Alexa, including arming/disarming your security system, locking/unlocking doors, and adjusting thermostat settings.
  • Google Assistant: Link your Vivint account with Google Home app for hands-free control over your smart home devices.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of remote garage control through the Vivint app, allowing you to open or close your garage door from anywhere.

Flexible financing options and contract agreements

Investing in cutting-edge security technology has never been easier with Vivint's flexible financing options and contract agreements.

Loans offered by Vivint

Don't want to pay for everything upfront? No problem. Vivint offers the option to spread out payments, with contracts covering a five-year repayment period and no interest on equipment purchases.

Five-year repayment plans under contract agreements

  • No-interest financing: Vivint offers no-interest financing on equipment purchases, so you won't have any additional interest charges added onto your monthly payments.
  • Fair credit requirements: Vivint has more lenient standards when it comes to approving customers for their loans, making it accessible even if your credit isn't perfect.
  • Bundled monitoring services: Monitoring services are included as part of your monthly payment, providing you with top-notch equipment and professional monitoring services around-the-clock.

Vivint also offers various security packages tailored to fit your needs and budget, ensuring that top-tier home protection is accessible for everyone.

Upgrade your vehicle security with Vivint's Car Guard feature and Smart Drive Storage Solution

Take your vehicle safety to the next level with Vivint's innovative Car Guard feature, providing real-time location tracking and diagnostics information accessible through a user-friendly smartphone app.

  • Real-time location tracking with Car Guard
  • Diagnostics information for maintaining car health
  • User-friendly smartphone app for easy access to data

For an efficient storage solution, Vivint offers the Smart Drive, allowing users to store extended footage retention periods ranging between 10-90 seconds variable length clips across a cloud-based space for up to 14 days.

  • Cloud-based storage covering up to two weeks' worth of video clips
  • Optional upgrade to 1TB hard drives for increased storage capacity

Never worry about a lack of space again with these cutting-edge capabilities for keeping your surveillance recordings safe. Discover more details on the Smart Drive by visiting Vivint's informative Smart Drive overview page.

Overall, Vivint's Car Guard feature and Smart Drive storage solution offer top-notch security measures that help protect your home and vehicle while providing easy access to essential information. It's no wonder why many homeowners are choosing Vivint as their go-to provider for smart home security systems.

Professional monitoring and installation services

Choose Vivint for top-notch security packages and professional monitoring services that keep your home safe 24/7.

24/7 professional monitoring services

Trust in the vigilant eyes of Vivint to safeguard your home, even when you're away.

Smooth installation process

Vivint's certified technicians handle everything from start to finish, making installation a breeze.

  • Affordable: It almost costs nothing to get these monitoring services
  • Prompt service: Certified technicians ensure timely appointments and quick installations.
  • User-friendly: Technicians provide thorough explanations about how each device functions.

Investing in a Vivint system is well worth it, thanks to their top-notch equipment and expert monitoring and installation services.

Comparing Vivint security packages to ADT security packages

Price is a significant factor when choosing a home security system, and while Vivint has improved its customer service reputation, it remains more expensive than ADT.

However, Vivint's quality equipment and range of features make it a worthwhile investment for top-tier protection.

Quality comparison between both providers

Both companies offer robust solutions that cater well to different needs:

  1. Vivint: Known for advanced technology and integration capabilities, Vivint offers high-quality cameras, doorbell cameras with person detection features like Active Deterrence, seamless integration with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, disaster protection measures against events like fires or floods, hands-free voice control through keychain remote controls, and real-time location tracking using Car Guard feature.
  2. ADT: Offers reliable and trusted security solutions with 24/7 monitoring, professional installation, and a range of equipment options including cameras, door and window sensors, and smart home automation features.


Vivint offers a wide range of smart home security packages and services for homeowners, renters, mobile homes, families, and gamers, with flexible financing options and contract agreements that include loans offered by Vivint and five-year repayment plans.

Customers can choose from indoor and outdoor camera options, video doorbells with advanced features like Active Deterrence, keychain remote controls for convenience, and disaster protection measures integrated with virtual assistants.

Car Guard feature provides real-time location tracking while Smart Drive storage solution ensures extended footage retention, and Vivint's professional monitoring and installation services ensure smooth installation processes as well as 24/7 professional monitoring services.

Comparing Vivint Security Packages to ADT Security Packages reveals pricing differences between both providers, but overall quality comparison favors both providers respectively.

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