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Looking for affordable satellite? Look no further than Viasat plans for home internet

Affordable and reliable internet is not always easy to come by.

24/06/2022      5 minute read      Internet

How effective are home security systems?

According to a 2021 study based on crime statistics in the US, three out of four homes will be burgled in the next 20 years.

20/06/2022      5 minute read      Internet

How to stream the 2022 NBA season without cable.

There are many pros to having cable TV — and one of them is certainly being able to tune into every live NBA basketball game and being able to record it if you’re busy.

18/06/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Why you should choose the Spectrum TV app for live TV and premium channels

With COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions lifting, people are itching to travel more and more in 2022.

26/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

High-speed internet: Where to get the best internet in the US

The global pandemic has changed the way we work: Having the fastest internet speeds possible is becoming more and more necessary as companies who had traditional office set-ups are allowing employees to remain at home to work.

26/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Is satellite internet still worth it in 2022?

Wondering what’s become of satellite internet, and whether it’s still worth getting in 2022? What could be described as the father of internet, satellite changed the world when it first came to fruition in the 1960’s.

24/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Saving money in 2022: Bundle your internet and cable TV packages today

Since its very first broadcast in 1948 in Arkansas, Oregon and Pennsylvania, cable TV has remained a much-loved and respected part of home entertainment.

22/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Which internet broadband is best for you? HomeLinkd weighs them out

Internet broadband. Fiber. DSL. ADSL. Copper vs glass. 5G. What happened to 4G? Routers vs modems. Wireless vs wired.

20/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

How is cable TV surviving in the face of the bestTV streaming services?

When it comes to home entertainment, many Americans face one resounding choice: cable or streaming?

10/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Outdoor Security Cameras – Level up your home security

No one's home is the same as the next person's, but everyone's property deserves to be well protected. So, how can you get all the benefits of home security without breaking the bank?

07/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Fiber Optic Internet–Is it worth the hype?

How does your daily routine go? Does it involve you working from home, searching the web for information, browsing social media and ending the day with a good movie on Netflix or Hulu?

05/05/2022      5 minute read      Internet

The case for fiber internet: Why fiber should be your first choice

The thought of searching for a new internet service provider or switching internet connections is most likely giving you a headache already. HomeLinkd answers all your questions and more.

15/03/2022      5 minute read      Internet

5G in the US: The latest updates for home internet shoppers

Every few years or so, the internet world introduces consumers to a new technology that promises faster, more reliable speeds and —in 2021, the new golden child of high-speed internet is 5G.

12/03/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Looking for a new internet provider? Choose AT&T in 2022

When you think about internet in the US, you think about AT&T. It is an institution within the internet industry and has been for over 100 years. So, why is AT&T internet a good choice for your home or office?

06/03/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Top streaming TV services and our watchlist recommendations for 2022

With billions of dollars planned for new TV content across streaming platforms in the US, streaming is about to take a very large slice out of the home entertainment cake.

03/03/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Everything you need to know about the Frontier FiberOptic's Triple Play Bundle

What better way to take advantage of one of the nation's fastest fiber-optic networks than by signing up for the Frontier FiberOptic triple play bundle?

12/02/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Why You Should Consider Getting A Home Security System in 2022

Are you looking for an easier solution to home security? Something smart, that works with you —and doesn’t leave you stressed with false alarms and wondering “Did I arm the home alarm when I left?”

10/02/2022      5 minute read      Internet

What is the best internet for gaming?

Any gamer — whether novice or professional—knows high-speed connection, great graphics and zero lag are the necessary ingredients for the best gaming experience. Looking for the best internet connection for gaming?

07/02/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Your guide to high-speed internet plans.

We know we’re not alone when it comes to wanting fast internet speed, but not everyone has the know-all to decide if they need an upgrade or a new service provider altogether!

05/02/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Looking for new internet providers in 2022? Here’s what you should know.

If there’s one New Year’s resolution you can easily attain in 2022, it’s getting rid of slow, inconsistent internet.

10/01/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Modem vs router: What’s the difference?

The world of the internet has equipment and terminology that could confuse even the smartest of people. A common confusion amongst internet shoppers is the difference between a modem and a router.

05/01/2022      5 minute read      Internet

Is cable still a must-have in 2022? The pros and cons of cable TV

Cable has long been viewed as a much-loved staple in home entertainment. With the advancement of fibre and 5G internet making online viewing more reliable, and a number of streaming services offering quality content, is cable TV still a thing people consider a must-have?

24/12/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Shopping for a connection? Top internet alternatives for you

Finding and comparing internet alternatives is an exhausting research task that HomeLinkd knows you certainly don’t have time for. From fixed wireless to DSL to fiber to satellite, what does it all mean?

22/12/2021      5 minute read      Internet

DSL internet: Is this the best internet choice for you?

DSL providers aren’t new to the internet game. In fact, DSL was one of the first ways in which Americans were able to experience the wonders of the internet all the way back in the late 1980’s. So, roughly 40 years later, is home DSL still a good option for you?

19/12/2021      5 minute read      Internet

The best TV internet providers for streaming in 2022

Being a consumer in the market for TV internet providers means you’re in the driving seat. How so? Almost every internet provider has jumped on the TV streaming bandwagon, trying to give consumers a bigger, better deal.

14/12/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Getting broadband internet: Everything you need to know

In the market for reliable home internet? You may want to follow the footsteps of millions of Americans by getting connected with broadband.

12/12/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Satellite vs Cable TV Providers: What’s Best?

Despite the growth in streaming and internet TV, broadcast TV is here to stay. Both satellite and cable TV providers have been staple features of the home since the 1950’s, offering both pros and cons. Which one is the right choice for you?

01/12/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Five Ways Technology Has Improved Home Security

In the ‘90s and early 2000s, home security consisted mostly of a basic alarm system with beam sensors by the windows or doors and a CCTV camera at the property’s entrance. Before that, security consisted of a dog and a lock around your gate. Not very advanced.

31/11/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Best Resources and Home Internet Plans for Online School

With online schooling becoming more and more of a necessity during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the US e-learning market is set to grow by $12.8 billion between 2020 –2024.

30/11/2021      6 minute read      Internet

Internet for Gaming: Top 5 Accessories for Gamers

In 2021, the viewing market of online gaming has reached an eyebrow-raising 474 million global viewers. So, as a gamer, wouldn’t you want to be performing at your best if you knew millions were going to be watching you and your vengeful opponents?

30/11/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Mobile Internet Plans: 4 Internet Hotspot Devices for Travelers

Digital nomads, Instagram globe trotters and traveling professionals often all experience a similar dilemma while abroad: A safe and guaranteed internet connection.

25/10/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Verizon TV Review: Is it Worth it?

Verizon is one of America's leading internet providers. They also offer an elite TV streaming service called FiOs, known for its high speeds and great quality.

13/09/2021      4 minute read      Internet

How to Optimize Your Internet for Gaming

Like most of the world, Americans are turning to the net for their entertainment needs. Whether you’re browsing social media, streaming videos or online gaming —your internet speed has to keep up with you.

07/09/2021      4 minute read      Internet

What is Mbps & How is it Different From MBps?

Thought Mbps and MBps were the same thing?
You're not alone. In fact, some of the most googled questions by Americans on these acronyms are “is there a difference between Mbps and MBps”?  and “how many Mbpsis a MB?”

06/09/2021      3 minute read      Internet

Breakdown of Internet Rates by State

If you’re looking for the best internet rates per state, Homelinkd has the answers you’re searching for.
Read on to find out which states have the most and least expensive internet, broken down by Cable, DSL and Fiber Optic —as well as what makes internet connection differ in price from state to state.

01/09/2021      4 minute read      Internet

The Difference Between Fiber Optic, Cable & DSL Internet

If there were a race for internet types, these three would take the podium.
With Fiber coming in first place, Cable a close second, and DSL internet proudly in third.

01/09/2021      4 minute read      Internet

Best Streaming TV Services 2021: Category Breakdown

Thinking about cutting the cord and making the jump from cable box TV to streaming services? Homelinkd’s internet TV providers have all the details you need when making the leap.

31/08/2021      6 minute read      Internet

Internet for Home: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you a first-time or non-technical buyer? This is the guide for you. When it comes to the internet, one size doesn't fit all. The countless options of service providers and internet plans is overwhelming, but they exist to suit a variety of internet users and neighborhoods.

26/08/2021      6 minute read      Internet

What Internet Speeds Do I Need? Streaming Services

Wondering what’s the best internet speed for streaming? Look no further. Homelinkd’s here to help you figure out why and how internet speed can affect your streaming experience.

25/08/2021      6 minute read      Internet

Here’s How to Switch Internet Plans & Providers

Gone are the days of sticking to one service provider. If you've moved house, started working from home, or upped your usage, chances are you're wanting to switch plans. But is it hard to swap internet providers, and how long does it take?

24/08/2021      6 minute read      Internet

What are Good Speeds for Internet if You’re Working from Home?

It’s hard to imagine life at home without the internet. We use it for everything: streaming TV, playing music, gaming, Googling things and working remotely. Before COVID-19, remote work was on the rise. But now, millions are working from their home offices.

23/08/2021      5 minute read      Internet

2 of the best home security systems on the market

You can't put a price on safety. Protection for your family, household and assets is an absolute necessity. But you can put a price on great home security. Home security systems vary in technology, compatibility, functionality and cost.

22/08/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Moving and Your Internet Needs

The period between Summer and Spring is moving season. With 60% of moving in the US taking place between May and August yearly, we've brought this to you just in time.

20/08/2021      4 minute read      Internet

Compare Internet Providers 2021

When you’re on the hunt for great connection, there’s an endless amount of information out there to compare internet providers—but what really matters, and who is the best?

18/08/2021      5 minute read      Internet

The best routers & modems for AT&T internet

Buying a router or modem can be a daunting task, especially if certain internet services providers require specific equipment in order to get the best out of your home internet connection.

17/08/2021      2 minute read      Internet

How to Transfer Your Home Internet Plan When You Move

Moving house is stressful enough. On top of packing up your entire life and hauling it across the country, there are many essential services to organize in advance — like setting up internet connection in your new home.

16/08/2021      3 minute read      Internet

Fiber Internet Installation. Find Out How Fiber Internet Works.

Find out how fiber internet works and what you will need to have fiber optic internet installed in your home. Compare fiber internet plans with Homelinkd.

16/08/2021      5 minute read      Internet

How Does Cable Internet Service Work? 

Cable internet remains a common choice for many Americans. A long-trusted and simple form of broadband connection, it’s fast, efficient, and available to nearly 90% of our population.

15/08/2021      4 minute read      Cable Internet

Get Faster Internet Speeds with these 6 Easy Tips

Are you in need of speed? If you’re in search of faster internet speeds, look no further than Homelinkd’s guide to getting quick connection. We’re breaking down the free tips and tricks you’ll need to get faster speeds online, in no time.

12/08/2021      5 minute read      Internet

Internet vs Wifi. What’s the difference?

In this Digital Age, there are so many new technological terms conceived daily, that it can be hard to keep up. Knowing the difference between Internet, Wifi, UPS, data, bandwidth, routers or gigabytes can be a challenge, even for the most tech-savvy.

27/10/2020      3 minute read      Internet

What internet speed do you need?

There’s no denying that our lives improve when we’re connected online. Whether you’re streaming series, working from home, gaming or checking your mail – a stable internet connection keeps you stress-free and able to go wherever your browser takes you. With all the jargon, numbers and technicalities, it can be hard to establish what internet speed suits your needs.

16/10/2020      3 minute read      Internet

Best High Speed Internet Providers in 2020

High speed internet providers fit into an essential service category in 2020. In these times, simply having an internet connection is not enough. If you have a family that relies on internet services for entertainment, work and communication then you understand the necessity of a solid internet connection

30/09/2020      4 minute read      Internet

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