Why fiber internet should be your first choice: Internet providers, FAQs answered

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Internet Provider Comparisons

The thought of searching for a new internet service provider or switching internet connections is most likely giving you a headache already. There are many reasons to choose a fiber internet service over other types of internet service such as cable internet.

Fiber internet is much faster than other types of internet, and it is also more reliable. Additionally, fiber internet is not as susceptible to weather-related interruptions as other types of internet service. HomeLinkd answers all your questions and more.

Fiber internet: Four things internet users need to know

What is a fiber connection made of?

Fiber’s technology is second to none. Internet reaches your home through fine, hair-like cables made of glass. These cables are bound together and enclosed by a protective plastic covering, and then placed underground.

Data and information then move through these cables to and from your device.

Placing fibre cables in the ground can be a laborious process, which is why fiber expansion is slower than wireless technologies and why fiber providers only bring it to areas if there is a demand for it.

How fast is fiber optic internet?

Think Usain Bolt, King cheetahs, or Formula 1 racing cars... and then times it by a thousand. Data transmits through fiber-optic cables at the speed of 186,000 miles per second. Just two strands of fiber cable can transmit the equivalent of 24,000 phone calls. Impressive, right?

Maximum download and upload speeds for fiber make them some of the fastest internet speeds around. Fiber optic internet connections are capable of much higher upload and download speeds than traditional copper wire connections. The maximum upload and download speeds for fiber optic internet connections can be as high as 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

This is much faster than the typical speeds of around 10-20 Mbps that are common with copper wire internet connections.

Fiber is one of the fastest growing internet connections around

By 2025, fiber across the globe is predicted to be the dominant fixed broadband platform. Although fiber is growing faster in Europe and in Asia —and slower in North America, it still accounts for 56% of global broadband subscribers, making it the majority choice. In the US, fiber internet penetration is at about 43%

Is fiber in your area?

There are a number of fiber providers across the US that cater to specific states, cities or suburbs. You’ll need to check with a fiber provider in your city to see if your area is covered.

The most connected states in the US include Rhode Island, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Hawaii, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Delaware.

Do I have to buy my own equipment?

Nine times out of ten, your fiber provider will give you a router to use. This cost will be factored into your monthly instalment. If you choose to end your subscription or switch providers, you’ll most likely have to return the router.

Best fiber internet providers for high bandwidth and excellent internet service

AT&T Internet

AT&T is the largest fiber provider in the US with an aggressive plan to grow to 30 million customer locations by 2025. AT&T offers uncapped fiber packages, and free equipment and installation. Bandwidth speed range: 100 –1,000 Mbps Price range per month: from $50 -$90

Frontier FiOS

Frontier FiOS is found in 29 states and considered one of the US’s fastest growing fiber providers. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Frontier added 45,000 new fiber customers —and plans 10 million fiber-to-the-home locations by 2025.

Bandwidth speed range: 50 –1,000 MbpsPrice range per month: from $40 -$200


Spectrum is well known for their cable TV, home phones, TV and internet bundles — making Spectrum a good choice if you want diversity. Spectrum is also available in 41 states.Bandwidth speed range: 5Up to 940 MbpsPrice range per month: from $50 -$90

Get the best deals from fiber internet providers available on HomeLinkd

With fiber providers expanding at a lightning-fast pace, your area is most likely already covered or will be soon.

Fiber is fast, reliable, secure and ideal for the home or office. What are you waiting for? Fiber offers high-speed internet for online gaming, 4K video, working remotely, and for homes who prefer no data caps.

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