Why You Should Consider Getting A Home Security System in 2022

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Are you looking for an easier solution to home security? Something smart, that works with you —and doesn’t leave you stressed with false alarms and wondering “Did I arm the home alarm when I left?”

Manual, monitored home security system scan cause you more stress than giving you peace of mind at times. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to keeping your home and your valuables safe. Read HomeLinkd’s guide to getting the best home security solutions in 2022.

Why a home security system?

According to the FBI, approximately 2 million homes are burgled each year in the U.S. We did the math; it means there is a home getting broken into every 13 seconds. Terrifying, right?

Having reliable home security ensures you can protect your loved ones and your property –giving you peace of mind.

Did we mention that home security systems today can also be used as a hub for home automation systems? It adds convenience and energy savings –we think that's pretty cool!

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Wired vs. Wireless home security systems, what's the difference?

A wired home security system connects sensors to a control panel through a network of wires hidden within the walls and floors of your home. It makes use of your home's telephone line, or ethernet cable, and is plugged into a standard wall outlet —your home's electrical system.

A wireless home security system connects sensors to a control panel through radio frequency technology, making use of a cellular connection, and is battery operated.

Hardwired systems usually require some installation –which results in added costs —while wireless systems can be installed by yourself, at your own convenience.

What are the benefits of a wireless home security system?

Good question! There are 5 benefits of having a wireless security system:

  1. You're still protected even through a power outage
    Wireless home security systems are battery-operated, and many systems will notify you if the batteries are low, so you can work quickly to prevent a gap in security coverage.

  2. It's more secure
    Many burglars disarm your security system by cutting wires, tampering with the wires or interfering with the frequency.

    A wireless system has no wires to cut, and becomes exponentially harder to bypass or interfere with.

  3. It's a flexible solution
    Because of its wireless nature, you won’t be tied down by having set places for your sensors. Just sold your car, and the garage is empty? Move that garage sensor poolside, so you can be notified of any uninvited guests.

  4. It's cost-effective
    We know having the best security does not come with the prettiest price tag—but installing a wireless home security system is more cost-effective than a monitored or wired security system.

    Installation costs are minimal, and you can even install it yourself, if you're an avid DIYer. HomeLinkd Tip:You can pay a lower premium for homeowner's insurance if you have a security system installed.

  5. You can keep tabs on your home remotely
    You're on holiday and suddenly you get a notification that there could be an intruder in your house. The first thing many of us would do is panic—wondering who or what is rummaging through our belongings.

    But with a modern home security system, you'll be able to remotely monitor what's going on in your home, from your phone.It’s as simple as opening an app, and seeing who’s in your home.

    Depending on your provider, you can also manage smart thermostats, smart keyless door locks and smart lighting from hundreds of miles away.

What is the best home security system?

Vivint home security

We know you're bombarded with many options, but we've helped narrow it down for you, by choosing our best two candidates:

Vivint is one of the leading companies in home security innovation. They have everything –from front door security to indoor surveillance.

With prices starting from $29.99 per month, you have a host of products and services to choose from, including smart security features.

Some of the services you get with Vivint are:

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ADT home security

With 145 years in the business, ADT has made saving lives its reason to survive.
A personalized home security package from ADT helps keep your family safe, and ensures you're protected if a break-in or a natural disaster occurs.

Known for having the longest money-back period, ADT's plans start from just $27.99 per month.

Some of the services you get with ADT are:

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Your home security system guide, wrapped.

Security is always going to be one of our main priorities, it's a natural instinct to want to protect and safeguard what's yours.
Getting a home security system can be considered an investment –an investment in your family's safety and wellbeing. Make sure you have peace of mind in 2022 by making the right choice –see HomeLinkd’s range of home safety here.

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