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Affordable and reliable internet is not always easy to come by. Searching for a good internet deal amongst hundreds of internet providers can be all-consuming —and the technical jargon is enough to make any shopper exit the tab and close their laptop, right?

HomeLinkd understands this frustration, which is why we’re focusing on giving you the goods on Viasat –one of the US’s most established and trustworthy satellite internet providers on the market.

Don’t know anything about them? We’re giving you the scoop to help you make you an informed decision so you can choose a Viasat plan that’s just right for your home.

What is Viasat Internet?

Viasat Internet is a satellite internet provider operating within US markets. For more than 30 years, Viasat has established itself as a national leader in providing satellite internet and –unlike many other broadband types–is able to cover 98% of the country in 50 states.

Viasat is a top choice for many Americans, not only because it is widely available, but because it offers internet, TV and phone bundles —making it an affordable choice too. Because satellite internet comes from –quite literally –a satellite orbiting Earth, people living in rural or mountainous areas can still receive and use quality internet without their location being a problem.

Viasat was rated 2nd by US News in a list of satellite internet providers in the US, making it a top-tier choice for customers looking for Viasat internet plans.

Pros and cons of satellite internet

The pros:

1. Affordability. Satellite is known to be the most affordable internet connection on the market. Viasat plans range from $50 -$150 per month and this includes bundles for internet, TV and phone.

2. Ideal for remote living. If you’ve chosen a more rural lifestyle, you don’t have to cut yourself off from the digital world completely. Satellite internet still allows you to access the internet.

3. Availability. If your area doesn’t offer DSL, fibre, 5G or cable, satellite will always be there. It was the first type of internet ever invented and it continues to provide internet across the globe.

4. Installation is free. When you choose a Viasat plan, a technician will install the dish and other equipment free-of-charge!

5. Competitive pricing. The other top satellite provider in the US is HughesNet. Viasat plans are more affordable than HughesNet.

6. Data and Wi-Fi included. Viasat plans include up to 150GB of data per month for Wi-Fi.

The cons:

1. Mid-range speeds. Satellite is not known for their lightning-fast speeds, offering downloads up to a maximum of 100Mbps. Other broadband types like 5G or fiber can offer you up to 1,000Mbps. Viasat plans start from 12Mbps and go up to 100Mbps.

2. HD streaming is not available. Watching movies and series on Netflix in HD or 4K is not available with satellite. Viasat offers TV plans from 360 –720 pixels and although this cannot offer an extremely clear and life-like viewing experience, it is suitable for homes who aren’t fussed over streaming quality, or homes who have cable TV and don’t stream often.

3. Satellite can be affected by the weather. Unfortunately, not everything can be immune to the weather. If there is a storm or heavy rain or a natural disaster taking place, this may affect your internet connection partially or entirely.

Viasat internet plans from HomeLinkd

At HomeLinkd, we think it’s simple. Choosing a Viasat plan is an affordable, reliable and trustworthy choice for any home internet shopper.

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