The best TV internet providers for streaming in 2022

Internet    14/12/2021    5 minute read

Being a consumer in the market for TV internet providers means you’re in the driving seat. How so? Almost every internet provider has jumped on the TV streaming bandwagon, trying to give consumers a bigger, better deal. Even so, choosing a TV internet provider can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Use this guide from HomeLinkd to see which internet provider is best for you.

For kids, sport, or entertainment: Which streaming service is best?

To date, there are over 200 streaming services available, but the 123 million households in the US that come in all shapes and sizes may not be getting what they want from their current streaming services. So, if you’re looking for something specific, which service should you get?

If you’re looking for the kids:

- Netflix Kids
- Disney Plus
- Kidoodle TV
- Hulu

If you’re looking for live sport:

Long gone are the days of having to tape a game or buy an expensive ticket to watch it live. Here are our top streaming services for live sports.

- ESPN Plus
- YouTube TV
- FuboTV

If you’re looking for movies, documentaries and series:

Luckily, award-winning shows and movies are in abundance in a number of streaming services.

- HBO and HBO Max
- Netflix
- Apple TV
- Hulu
- Amazon Prime
- Showtime

Four internet TV providers for your home

The best thing about TV internet providers is that you can enjoy all the above streaming services mentioned above as well as many of the traditional broadcast and cable channels that we’ve loved for decades. From ABC to Lifetime to NBC to HBO, you can have the best of broadcast and internet TV in one place!


Price per month

Internet Type



$102 - $152


125 –200+ channels including HBO, CNN, ESPN, Hallmark, Showtime and more


$149 - $155


190 –240+ channels including Netflix, HBO, FuboTV, Amazon Prime, Fox and more


$50 - $130


75 –250+ channels including Netflix, Amazon, Peacock, YouTube TV, Showtime, HBO Max and more


$65 - $135


160 –330+ channels including Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, Nickelodeon, ESPN, CNN and more

Browse satellite, cable and fiber TV internet providers

In 2022, there’s only one way to enjoy quality shows, sport, documentaries and entertainment for the kids. It’s time to put up your feet and grab the popcorn!

Shop TV internet providers with HomeLinkd today!

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