The Best Cheap Internet Providers and Internet Plans in 2023

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Internet Provider Comparisons

Let’s face it – we use the internet for almost everything these days. In the post-COVID-19 era, more and more people are working from home, with companies agreeing that remote work is actually cheaper for them too.

In addition, schools and universities are requiring students to be able to do research, homework and tests online at home. With all this in mind, it is safe to say that the internet should be on your must-have list.

But, are you worried about how your internet bill will affect your monthly expenses?

Do internet providers offer affordable internet services?

Can you find cheap internet deals that won't break the bank?

HomeLinkd hasn’t forgotten that the cost of living is only getting more expensive, and looking for good, cheap internet is hard to come by. Well, we’ve done the nitty gritty work for you and scoured the internet to find you epic deals on affordable broadband internet access with the best providers in your area.

Read on as we compare the best cheap internet deals on the market - and help you find the deal best suited to you.  

What is low-cost internet service?

It is a type of service that is typically much more affordable than traditional home internet service. Low-cost internet service providers often offer slower speeds and less data than traditional providers, but for many people, these slower speeds are more than sufficient for basic web browsing and email.

Additionally, these providers often do not require a contract, which can save even more money.

How do you qualify for low-income internet?

There are a few ways to qualify:

  • Participate in the National School Lunch Program.
  • Have an income that is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • Receive a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

What are the cheapest internet plans available?

Looking for low-cost internet services?

The most affordable internet service providers in the market offer a variety of budget-friendly plans. The most basic and affordable internet plan may cost around $10 per month. This plan may offer speeds of up to 10 Mbps and may be perfect for light internet users.

For those who need faster speeds, there are also plans that offer up to 100 Mbps for around $30 per month.

Is there such a thing as free internet?

Sadly, there is no such thing as free internet. There are many ways to get access to the internet, but all of them come with a cost.

Whether it is paying for an internet service provider, using data from your mobile phone plan, or even accessing free Wi-Fi hotspots, there is always a cost associated with getting online. While there are some free services available, they are usually supported by advertising or other forms of payment.

Can I get affordable internet packages with high internet speeds?

Yes, you can get affordable packages with high-speed internet. There are many providers that offer these types of plans, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and needs.

There are a few options to choose from - such as AT&T Internet offers the Internet 100 Plan - which provides a 100 Mbps line with prices starting from $55.00 per month for a 1 year of service.

How can I save money on my monthly internet bill?

There are a few things you can do to save money on your monthly internet bill.

- One is to shop around for the best deal on internet service.

- Another is to use a service that has a lower monthly rate.

- Finally, you can use coupons or discounts to get a lower monthly rate.

What internet speed do you need?

Knowing what internet speed you need can help you streamline your options for the best internet deals suited to you. Getting super-fast internet, such as a 100 Mbps line, when you only require the internet for browsing news articles online or checking your social media will result in you paying more when you would only require a 25 Mbps line - which is generally much cheaper.

The speed of your internet connection is important for a number of reasons. If you are working from home, for example, you will need a fast connection to be able to upload and download files quickly. If you are streaming video or audio, you will need a fast connection to avoid buffering. And if you are playing online games, you will need a fast connection to avoid lag. So what is the right internet speed for you?

The answer depends on a number of factors, including how you use the internet and how many people are using your connection at the same time. For most people, a download speed of 10 Mbps is sufficient. But if you have multiple people using your connection at the same time, or if you use the internet for demanding activities like 4K streaming or gaming, you will need a faster connection. For those activities, we recommend an internet speed of 50 Mbps or more.

Is a Wi-Fi plan cheaper than fiber internet or 5G?

Yes, wireless broadband is cheaper than other connection types because it requires less installation. Wi-Fi, which is wireless, works when connected to cell towers that have already been set up in your city or suburb to connect to cell phones. It is simply a factor of being in range of a cell tower and having the correct modem or router.

Although 5G is considered wireless too, it is a new technology and an advancement of 4G, meaning it is still more expensive than 4G wireless.  

Fiber often requires a long and laborious installation process, especially if your area is new to fiber access or is in the process of being fiber-ready. The entire cost of fiber installation in your area and your home has to be included in your monthly contract fee so that each company involved gets paid.  

Can I get cheap cable or fiber internet options?

There are many ways to find cheap broadband options from cable or fiber internet providers.

You may want to look at switching providers - there's always a new deal around the corner, and some providers also offer discounts for new customers or for signing up for a longer term contract.

Another way to get affordable cable or fiber is to look for internet bundles - bundling your internet or phone services with other options such as TV services is a great way to stay connected for less.

Finally, it is always worth checking with your local internet provider. Several providers in your area may offer great discounts on internet services to limited income households.

Tip: If you're searching more for unlimited data as opposed to fast internet consider browsing deals from cable internet providers - although not as fast as fiber, cable connection works just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Are there cheap Wi-Fi plans available for low-income households?

With the cost of living steadily increasing, more and more internet providers are providing low-cost plans for their customers. And what's great about this is that there will most likely be dozens of cheap internet services available in your area.

For example, AT&T's Access Plan offers internet service for qualifying customers.

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program all about?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a United States government-sponsored initiative that looks to provide affordable fast Internet access to low-income households. The program is designed to help close the digital divide by making sure that everyone has access to the Internet, regardless of their income level.

The program offers discounted internet service and equipment, and also provides free or low-cost computer and Internet training. You can receive a discount of up to $30.00 per month on your internet service, and a one-time discount of up to $100.00 for a laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

However, only one monthly service discount and one equipment discount are allowed per household.

HomeLinkd's Best Cheap Internet Providers

HomeLinkd has done all the research for you! We've searched high and low for the best low-cost internet plans from the top cheap internet providers to help you find the best internet deals.

Frontier Internet

Connection Type: Fiber, DSL, Wi-Fi

Highest speeds: Up to 940 Mbps

Pros and Cons:


Ideal for homes wanting plenty of data

Matching speeds

Great for online gaming

DSL is suitable for rural areas without fiber


DSL speeds are slow at 115 Mbps  

Not available everywhere in the US


Connection Type: Fiber, Wi-Fi

Highest speeds: Up to 940 Mbps

Pros and Cons:


Matching upload and download speeds

No 2nd-year rate increase

Great bundles for TV, internet and phone


There are cheaper options available

Not widely available  

Extra fees per month for the router


Connection Type: Fiber, Wi-Fi

Highest speeds: Up to 940 Mbps

Pros and Cons:


Widely available across the US

Budget-friendly with good deals

Bundles on offer with TV and internet

Unlimited internet data


Contracts only; no month-to-month options

Cheaper options with slower upload speed are not available


Connection Type: Fiber, Wi-Fi

Highest speeds: Up to 1,000 Mbps

Pros and Cons:


Unlimited data

One of the cheapest packages on the market

Free email addresses

Widely available cheap home internet plans


Installation and modem an extra cost

No month-to-month on offer  

CenturyLink Internet

Connection Type: Fiber, Wi-Fi, DSL

Highest speeds: Up to 940 Mbps

Pros and Cons:


Some plans come with free installation and free modems

No term contract

Reliable as it is the third largest DSL service provider in the country

CenturyLink's Fiber internet plans are more affordable than other providers


Some areas do not get the same speed and service as others

Limited service coverage in certain states

Spectrum Internet

Connection Type: Fiber, Wi-Fi, DSL, Cable

Highest speeds: Up to 1 Gbps

Pros and Cons:


No term contract

Some plans come with an unlimited data allowance

CenturyLink's Fiber internet plans are more affordable than other providers


Home internet services to limited residents in certain states

Customer service has been an issue for some customers

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