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Like most of the world, Americans are turning to the net for their entertainment needs. Whether you’re browsing social media, streaming videos or online gaming —your internet speed has to keep up with you.
Whatever you get up to online, your internet plan should be bought with your specific activities in mind.

While everyone enjoys quick and efficient internet, some online hobbies require more bandwidth than others. And, playing games online is one of the most bandwidth-intensive activities you can get up to on the net.

So, how can you optimize your internet for gaming? Read on to see Homelinkd’s guide.
Or, if you’re just looking for some of the best internet deals out there, see our comparison page for the quickest way to compare provider offerings.

The growing popularity of online gaming

Online gaming has boomed in popularity over the past few years, and there’s no chance it’s slowing down.
The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a massive expansion of the online gaming industry in 2020 and 2021 with 82% of global consumers saying they played video games and watched video game content, during the height of pandemic lockdowns. Believe it or not, watching gamers play online is more popular than watching sports for 18 –25 year-olds. So it’s no surprise that the online gaming market is expected to hit a revenue value of $196 billion by 2022 —making one of the world’s fastest growing industries. With 2.95 billion people playing online, the results are in, and gaming is no longer reserved for geeks.

What are the most popular online games in 2021?


2. Apex Legends

3. Fortnite Battle Royale

4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

5. League of Legends

6. Minecraft

7. Hearthstone

8. DOTA 2

9. Final Fantasy 14

10. Division 2


8 Ways to optimize your internet connection for better gaming

If you’re playing online games –you really do need good connection. Whether you’re doing it competitively, or for fun, a slow internet speed can cost you a win, or result in frustrating playing conditions.

So, how can you get the most out of your internet for gaming?

Here are Homelinkd’s top tips to get better bang for your bandwidth online.

1. Use and ethernet cable.

While not as convenient or mobile as Wi-Fi, Ethernet gives you direct connection to your internet, without lag or high latency. If you want the fastest connection, grab some high-speed cables and get gaming.

2. Check your internet speed and bandwidth

You need to know what speed you’re working with. A slow upload or download speed can decrease your ease of play. If you’re a hardcore gamer, playing visually demanding or multi-player games —you’re going to want a speed of 200Mbps for superior play.

3. Aim for low latency

Latency (or ping) is the speed in milliseconds that shows the quality of your connection. High latency is basically the delay in time it takes for your internet signal to “get to you” from your ISP’s server. Low latency will give you a strong, reliable connection for online gaming. You should aim for 20 –40ms latency.

You can improve your latency issues by prioritizing your gaming device from your router.

4. Move your router/modem closer to your gaming PC or console

We’ve given you tips to improve your internet speed, and moving your router is one of the easiest ways to better your connection. If your router is hiding away —be sure to move it out in the open, and closer to your gaming device, so you can get obstruction-free Wi-Fi.

5. Close background websites and programs

Possibly one of our simplest tips. Simply close websites and programs you’re not using. This means online ads and pop-ups aren’t eating up your bandwidth —and your Wi-Fi is being used where you need it.

6. Play on a local server

To avoid delays, make sure you’re playing on the server closest to you. This will give you lower latency (delay).

7. Restart or replace or reboot your router

Router technology degrades with time and use. To make sure your router is performing at its best –reboot it, so it’s using the optimal channel for your Wi-Fi, or consider an upgrade if all else fails.

8. Upgrade your internet plan/package

Last but not least —you can upgrade your IPS deal. Gaming is bandwidth-heavy, and if you’re on a 25Mbps line, you’re probably not going to get great internet speeds for gaming. Ideally, you should have a 200Mbps line if you’re a big-time gamer.

What are the best internet speeds for gaming?

“What internet speed do I need for gaming?” Simply, the faster —the better.
While a 25Mbps bandwidth could suffice for low-graphic or mobile games, we don’t recommend going lower if you’re playing artwork rich multi-player games.
And, if you are indulging in multi-player games connected to online servers, make sure your latency is low. A 20 –40ms latency is what you should aim for, but you can do all right with up to 100ms.

Test your speed and latency.

Enjoy online gaming with the right internet plan

If you’ve been bitten by the online gaming bug, you’re not alone. Masses have moved online for their entertainment and gaming needs.
And, avid online gamers know that the right internet for gaming is crucial to great play. When you want to increase your speed for gamer internet, you can try all the tips and tricks, but if all else fails –you may just be in need of a better deal.

Get great gameplay. See Homelinkd’s great range of high-speed internet deals.

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