Moving and Your Internet Needs

Do Americans Consider Home Internet Plans a Factor when Moving?

Internet    20/08/2021    4 minute read

The period between Summer and Spring is moving season. With 60% of moving in the US taking place between May and August yearly, we've brought this to you just in time.

Homelinked  unpacked all the stats on where everyone is moving to, their internet plans for home moves and many other facts about moving that could help you on your journey. If you were wondering whether good internet plans are  a major factor when it comes to moving –we prove that it is, right here!

Facts about moving

Statistics show that on average, Americans relocate 11.7 times over their lifetime. In retrospect, 31 million people moved in the US in 2019. Here are a few other facts about these movers:

When it comes to internet connection, 67% of people said that internet availability in the area that they are planning to move to, would affect their decision to move there.

Why do Americans move?

After having a look at roughly how many Americans move yearly, it's almost inevitable that your next question would be: Why? Here are a few reasons and stats on why some Americans move:

It was also found that baby boomers (people born between the early 1930s and late 1970s) who are looking to retire moved to Montana and Delaware more than any other state in 2020. When it comes to moving because of work, it was found that more people moved to Nebraska for a new job or transfer than any other state last year (2020).

Working from home (WFH).

This year, there has been a massive increase in the need for a good internet connection at home, as more and more people are working from home. This is what we've found when it comes to WFH:

Whether you're covering the cost of your home internet –or your employer is, having a fast  internet connection for working from home has now become essential.  This means that many WFH professionals would prioritise a good home internet plan  when looking for a place to move.

Choosing a city to move to -with fiber internet

Because we have found that internet is an important factor when moving, we've looked into which cities are sought after because of fiber internet availability. Fiber internet is the most reliable source of connection on the market to date. If you’re looking for fiber when you move, these are the top cities with the best fiber internet connectivity:

  1. Austin, TX

  2. Atlanta, GA

  3. Salt Lake City, UT

  4. Kansas City, MO

  5. Charlotte, NC

If you’re someone who keeps a close eye on trends, here are the top cities that people have moved to in 2021:

  1. Austin, TX

  2. Denver, CO

  3. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

  4. Kansas City, MO

  5. Charlotte, NC

Want to avoid the states that people are moving out of? Here are the top 3 outbound states in 2020:

  1. Illinois

  2. New York

  3. New Jersey

Looking for more information on US migration? Read here by North American Moving Services.

Supplies you need when moving

If you're currently considering moving, and have now found a city with reliable home internet plan connection -Here are some of the essentials you'll need for moving and how many are actually used each year when people move:

  1. 900 million cardboard boxes·

  2. 30 million rolls of tape·

  3. 90 million pounds of packing paper

It's clear that moving takes quite a bit of work-even if you choose to go with moving professionals. Something that shouldn't be a problem when you're moving is your internet connection.

Get Good Internet Home Plans with Homelinked

Your reason for moving doesn't matter –having a great and fast internet connection at your new home  does. We have some of the best internet plans from credible service providers –right here, for you to choose from. Take a look and compare internet providers with Homelinkd.

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