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In this comprehensive guide, we will explore two leading providers of business security services – ADT Security Services and Vivint Security Services. We'll assess both ADT security services and Vivint security services in terms of their features, offerings, and costs to help you make an educated decision on which one is right for your business. Ready? Let's dive into the intricate details of securing your company's assets and data.

What is a business security service?

A business security service provides comprehensive protection for your organization's physical and digital assets. From various sources such as cyberattacks, theft, vandalism or natural disasters come the threats that necessitate a comprehensive business security service to protect an organization's physical and digital assets for continuity of operations. By implementing a robust security system, you can safeguard your valuable resources and ensure the continuity of your operations.

Advantages of a reliable business security system

  • Prevent unauthorized access: Security systems help control who enters your premises by using access control mechanisms like keycards or biometric scanners.
  • Deter criminal activity: Visible surveillance cameras and alarm systems act as deterrents against potential intruders or vandals.
  • Maintain safety standards: Monitoring employee activities ensures compliance with safety regulations and helps prevent accidents on-site.
  • Increase productivity: A secure work environment allows employees to focus on their tasks without worrying about potential threats.

Disadvantages of installing a business security system

  • Costs involved: Depending on the complexity of the system installed, initial setup costs could be high. Additionally, ongoing maintenance fees may also add up over time.
  • Privacy concerns: Employees might feel uncomfortable being constantly monitored, which could potentially lead to trust issues within the company.

To create a culture of safety within your organization, it's crucial that you take steps towards protecting both digital and physical assets. For digital protection, consider implementing firewalls, antivirus software, and strong password policies. Additionally, employee training on cybersecurity best practices can help prevent data breaches and other cyber threats.

For safeguarding physical resources, installing security cameras, access control mechanisms and alarm systems in the premises is recommended. Regularly assess the effectiveness of these measures by conducting security audits or consulting with a professional business security service provider like ADT or Vivint. In this guide, we will explore two popular business security providers, ADT and Vivint. We'll discuss their services, compare their offerings, and explain how you can sign up for their packages through HomeLinkd. Stay tuned to learn more about securing your organization's valuable resources.

Key thought:

A business security service protects physical and digital assets from various threats such as cyberattacks, theft, vandalism or natural disasters. It can prevent unauthorized access, deter criminal activity, maintain safety standards and increase productivity. However, there are also costs involved and privacy concerns to consider when installing a system. To create a culture of safety within your organization it's crucial to take steps towards protecting both digital and physical assets by implementing firewalls, antivirus software, strong password policies and regularly assessing the effectiveness of these measures through security audits or consulting with professional providers like ADT or Vivint.

ADT security services

When it comes to business security, ADT is a well-known and reputable provider with over 140 years of experience. Their services are designed to keep your organization safe from potential threats.

24/7 monitoring services

ADT's monitoring centers are staffed by trained experts who can quickly respond to any alarms or alerts triggered by your system. This means that if an emergency occurs, you can trust that ADT will take immediate action on your behalf.

Remote access & control

With ADT Pulse® Interactive Business Solutions, you can monitor and manage your security system directly from a smartphone or computer. This includes arming/disarming the alarm system remotely and receiving real-time notifications about any detected activity.

List of features:

  • Burglary monitoring: Detects unauthorized entry into premises with door/window sensors and motion detectors.
  • Flood monitoring: Helps prevent water damage caused by leaks or flooding with flood sensors installed in vulnerable areas.
  • Cybersecurity protection: Safeguards your business's digital assets by monitoring for potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Video surveillance: Provides real-time video feeds of your premises to help monitor activity and prevent unauthorized access.

Smart home automation

ADT also offers smart home automation features that can help streamline various aspects of running a business. With the incorporation of intelligent gadgets like thermostats, lighting controls, and door locks into your security system, you can help to optimize energy utilization while guaranteeing top-notch safety for workers and clients alike.

Smart home features:

  • Remote door locks: Control access to your building with electronic door locks that can be managed remotely via smartphone or computer.
  • Energy management: Monitor energy usage in real-time with smart thermostats that adjust temperature settings based on occupancy levels or time schedules.
  • Lighting controls: Manage indoor/outdoor lighting remotely using automated schedules or manual adjustments from any connected device.

Explore our available packages tailored specifically for businesses to get started with ADT's comprehensive security solutions. Protecting your organization has never been easier.

Key thought:

ADT Security Services offers comprehensive security solutions for businesses with 24/7 monitoring services, remote access and control through ADT Pulse® Interactive Business Solutions, burglary and flood monitoring, cybersecurity protection, video surveillance, and smart home automation features. With over 140 years of experience in the industry, ADT is a well-known and reputable provider that can help keep your organization safe from potential threats while also streamlining various aspects of running a business.

Vivint security services

Offering a wide range of monitoring options, remote access capabilities, and smart home automation features, Vivint aims to provide comprehensive protection for your organization. Let's explore the benefits and downfalls of Vivint's security services as well as the packages available through HomeLinkd.

Benefits of Vivint security services

  • 24/7 monitoring: With professional monitoring centers operating around-the-clock, you can rest assured that your business is protected at all times.
  • User-friendly app: The easy-to-use mobile app allows you to remotely monitor and control your security system from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • SkyControl panel: This intuitive touchscreen panel serves as the hub for controlling all aspects of your security system while also providing two-way communication with emergency responders.
  • Fully customizable packages: Choose from a variety of equipment options and service plans tailored specifically for businesses like yours.
  • No landline required: Vivint does not require a landline connection for its systems - perfect if you're looking to cut costs or avoid outdated technology.

Potential downfalls of Vivint security services

  • Slightly higher pricing: Vivint's pricing may be slightly higher than some competitors; however, many customers find that their advanced features justify the cost difference.
  • Long-term contracts: Vivint typically requires customers to sign a long-term contract, which may not be ideal for businesses looking for more flexibility.

Vivint packages available through HomeLinkd

HomeLinkd offers two main packages for business owners interested in Vivint security services: the Smart Protect and Control package and the Smart Complete package.

  1. Smart protect and control package: This basic plan includes intrusion detection with door/window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, environmental monitoring (e.g. smoke/CO alarms), remote access via mobile app, and professional installation.
  2. Smart complete package: In addition to everything included in the Smart Protect and Control package, this comprehensive plan adds video surveillance capabilities with indoor/outdoor cameras as well as smart home automation features such as automated door locks or thermostat control.

Visit our Vivint Security Services page on HomeLinkd to learn more about these packages or explore additional options tailored specifically to your business needs

Comparing ADT and Vivint

Choosing a business security service can be daunting, but comparing providers like ADT and Vivint can help you make an informed decision.

Pricing and packages

ADT and Vivint offer packages for businesses of all sizes. ADT has three plans: Essentials, Total Protection, and Premium Protection. Vivint offers customized solutions based on your specific needs. Compare pricing and services before deciding.

Monitoring services

Both ADT and Vivint provide 24/7 professional monitoring services. ADT uses third-party monitoring centers across North America, while Vivint operates its own central station with industry-leading response times.

Smart home automation integration

Smart home automation is essential for businesses looking to streamline operations. ADT Pulse and Vivint Smart Home App integrate with popular devices like thermostats, lighting controls, and door locks. Manage your security system remotely and improve energy efficiency.

Customer support

Both ADT and Vivint offer phone, email, live chat, and online resources for customer support. ADT has over 140 years of experience, which may translate into better expertise in handling diverse customer needs.

Installation process

ADT installations require hardwiring components into your existing infrastructure, while Vivint uses wireless technology for most devices, allowing for quicker installations with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Overall, both ADT and Vivint have unique strengths as business security providers. Compare pricing packages, monitoring capabilities, smart home integration, customer support, and installation process before making a decision. By comparing these aspects, you can find the best fit for your organization's security needs.

Signing up for a business security service

Choosing the right business security service is crucial to keep your small business safe and protect valuable company data. HomeLinkd makes it easy for you to sign up with leading providers like ADT and Vivint, ensuring that your cybersecurity measures are top-notch. Let's discuss how customers can sign up for these services through HomeLinkd and which packages would be best suited for different types of businesses.

How to sign up with ADT or Vivint through HomeLinkd

  1. Visit the HomeLinkd website: Start by visiting our website, where you'll find comprehensive information about various internet, fiber, satellite, broadband, TV plans as well as home security services.
  2. Select a provider: Browse through our selection of available providers such as ADT and Vivint. Read about their offerings in detail before making an informed decision on which one suits your needs better.
  3. Contact us: Reach out to us via phone or email so we can help guide you further based on your specific requirements. Our team will assist you in choosing the most suitable package from either provider.
  4. Schedule installation: Once you've selected a package that meets all your needs, schedule an appointment with the chosen provider for professional installation at your premises.

Finding the right package for your business needs

To determine which package is best suited for keeping customer data secure while allowing room for growth within each respective company size/type/category (small-medium-large), consider factors such as budget constraints alongside necessary features required by each organization type when comparing options between both ADT and Vivint.

  • Small businesses: If you're a small business owner, look for packages that offer basic security features like intrusion detection, remote access, and monitoring services. Both ADT and Vivint have options tailored to smaller organizations with affordable pricing plans.
  • Medium-sized businesses: As your company grows, so do the risks associated with cybersecurity breaches. Medium-sized businesses should opt for more comprehensive packages that include advanced features such as video surveillance, smart home automation capabilities, and robust antivirus software integration.
  • Large enterprises: Large companies require top-of-the-line security solutions to protect their extensive network of assets both physically and digitally. Opt for premium packages from either provider which include round-the-clock monitoring by professional teams along with state-of-the-art technology integrations ensuring maximum protection against potential threats at all times.

No matter the size or nature of your business, HomeLinkd can help you find the perfect security solution through providers like ADT and Vivint. By understanding your specific needs and comparing available options side-by-side on our platform before signing up via HomeLinkd's streamlined process - protecting customer data has never been easier.


How do you keep your business safe and secure?

To maintain business security, implement strong passwords, use multi-factor authentication, and regularly update software. Additionally, educate employees on cybersecurity best practices and invest in a reliable business security service like ADT or Vivint.

What are the top 3 security concerns for small businesses?

  1. Data breaches: Protect sensitive information with encryption and access controls.
  2. Misuse of employee credentials: Implement strict password policies and monitor user activity.
  3. Ransomware attacks: Regularly back up data and install robust antivirus software.

What are 3 common security measures for businesses?

  • Cybersecurity training for employees to prevent phishing scams and other threats.
  • A firewall to protect the network from unauthorized access attempts.
  • Professional monitoring services, such as ADT or Vivint, for intrusion detection and response.

What security measures should you have in place in your business?

Implement physical barriers such as locks, and surveillance cameras, and access control systems such as keycards, and alarm systems monitored by professional services like ADT or Vivint. Also implement cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, antivirus software, and employee training.


Protect your business from theft and other criminal activity with the help of ADT Security Services and Vivint Security Services, two of the most popular business security providers.

  • ADT offers surveillance cameras, alarms, and remote monitoring to keep your business safe.
  • Vivint also provides similar features to ensure the security of your property.

Comparing the two services can help you make an informed decision on which one to choose. Both ADT and Vivint offer easy online registration processes, making it simple to sign up for their services.

By selecting a reputable provider like ADT or Vivint, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected.

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