Looking for new internet providers in 2022? Here’s what you should know.

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If there’s one New Year’s resolution you can easily attain in 2022, it’s getting rid of slow, inconsistent internet. At, HomeLinkd we know shopping for a new internet provider can be like shopping for a deal on Black Friday –manic, exhausting, and even a little deceptive.

HomeLinkd takes the guesswork out of shopping for a new internet provider with our insider tips on what makes an ISP a good choice —and which providers you can trust on the market.

What makes an internet service provider a good choice?

Everybody has their preferences —depending on what their internet needs are —but there are a few basic factors consumers should look at when browsing for an internet provider.

Let’s take a look.

Efficient customer support

We know the internet has a tendency to give us a little bit of trouble from time to time. But, when that happens —you need to know that your internet provider will give you helpful and efficient customer support.

From answering your call immediately, to working on the problem in real-time —customer support can go a long way in keeping you a happy customer.

An excellent way of finding out if a provider has a good track record of assisting their customers is by checking online for reviews.

Simply type in the company name and the word “review” and let Google do the work for you. The interesting people of the internet will either solidify your decision or completely change your mind!

They actually give you the speeds you’re paying for

This may sound like a given, but many internet providers promise certain speeds and can’t live up to them.

You’re paying for a 20-Mbps line but, upon doing a speed test, your upload and download speeds are half of that. Frustrating —and a waste of your money.

Of course, there are sometimes factors outside of a provider’s control such as bad weather or geographical location, but overall, you need to receive the speeds are you paying for. Period.

Bundle options

With the cost of living not getting any less expensive, value for money is a top priority for many families. According to a 2021 study, the average household in the US has up to 25 devices, ranging from smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, gaming equipment and more.

Imagine paying for an internet package for each one? Nobody has the budget for that. An internet provider that can offer you bundles is a smart choice for families who are looking to consolidate internet and entertainment costs.


Other than speed, cost is the main factor when choosing an internet provider.

There should be no reason for a provider to charge exorbitant prices for the same speeds, extras and customer support —than what another provider that offers reasonable prices.

If you have a monthly budget to stick to, affordability is key


Your internet activity and your personal data needs to be protected — especially when you’re banking, emailing personal items, or shopping online.

Make sure your internet connection is private and encrypted.

The top internet providers by category

The best high-speed internet

Frontier FiOS

Speed range: 50 –1,000 Mbps
Price range: From $39 -$200 per month
Appealing features: Available in 29 states; two-year price lock; free installation; unlimited data.

Check out Frontier deals here


Speed range: 50 –1,000 Mbps
Price range: From $49.95 -$99.95 per month
Appealing features: 24/7 customer support available; free email address hosting; unlimited data.

Check out Earthlink deals here

The best TV and internet bundles

AT&T Fiber

‍Speed range: 100 –1,000 Mbps
Price range: From $50 -$90 per month
Appealing features: Free equipment and installation; voice, TV and fiber bundles for the home and office

The best value for money


Speed range: 20 –1,000 Mbps
Price range: From $45 -$85 per month
Appealing features: You’ll have a price lock for life! No yearly increases.

Best satellite internet


Speed range: Up to 25 Mbps
Price range: From $59 -$149 per month
Appealing features: Free installation; video data saver and the option to top-up when you’ve reached your cap.


Speed range: 12 –100 MbpsPrice range: From $50 -$150 per month
Appealing features: You’ll get a 2-year price lock and the freedom of a month-to-month subscription!

Check out Viasat deals here

Shop top internet packages with HomeLinkd

There’s nothing better than ticking something off of a list, right? Take out your New Year’s resolutions list and tick off “find a better internet provider” —then visit our great providers to make your choice.

Browse, compare and choose from HomeLinkd’s best internet providers here.

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