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Internet Provider Comparisons

We know we’re not alone when it comes to wanting fast internet speed, but not everyone has the know-all to decide if they need an upgrade or a new service provider altogether! HomeLinkd breaks down the speeds you should be looking out for, and what consumers who work from home should consider.

What is considered “fast internet speed”?

What are my current speeds?

First, your speeds should be matching the internet plan you’re on —and if your current speeds are continuously showing up slower than what you’re paying for, you need to call your service provider.

Don’t worry, finding your current internet speed is quick and easy. Your upload and download speeds can be tested in real-time.
Do an online speed test right now.

What kind of internet plan do remote workers need?

People who work from home have different internet requirements than those who work in a traditional office.

Whether the job is in digital marketing, web development, blogging, design, photography or data analysis —remote workers need higher speeds and stronger reliability for their internet package at home, than those who use their home internet for entertainment.

If you’re a remote worker, this is what you should look out for when shopping for internet:

Type of internet speed connection for remote work

Fiber, 4G, 5G, DSL, ADSL, satellite, cable... the list is endless.
Cost, speed and reliability are the three top factors consumers are concerned with.

Let’s take a look at what remote workers should consider:

- Fiber and 5G are largely known to have the highest and fastest internet speeds of all the different types of internet.Because 5G is the latest in internet speeds, it is more expensive than the rest.

- Fiber and satellite are known for their reliability and consistency, however, satellite is the oldest form of internet and offers much slower speeds.

- ADSL and DSL also rely on old technologies—making them a slower choice, however, they are more affordable, and perfect for remote workers who use their landline for work, and would like to bundle their voice and internet use.

Are equal upload and download speeds important for remote work?

Uploads are actions that quite literally upload data to a server, like posting and sharing a photo or video on social media, or sending an email.

Download actions include streaming series, downloading a movie, opening an email, playing music through AppleMusic or Spotify, downloading email attachments and more.

Many internet plans have higher download speeds because they typically require more data. Although having an internet plan with different upload and download speeds is perfectly acceptable, it maybe a smart idea for remote workers to consider having a plan with matched speeds.

This will allow all of your online activities to be treated with the same speed priority.

Consider online reviews for remote work

The world of online reviews can be a crazy one, but if there is one place that often gives you an honest depiction of how a service or product works —it’s online write-ups on Facebook, Google My Business and other websites.

If you’re finding loads of negative reviews —or at least half —it may be best to continue browsing through other internet providers or packages, until you find one that has been better received by other consumers.

The experiences from friends and family can also help, so you may want to ask them which internet provider they’re using, what type of connection they’re using —and how they feel about it.

Efficient customer service for remote work

If you’re working from home for hours on end, one of things you need to have is the comfort of knowing your service provider will jump into action when there is a problem or query about your internet.

You shouldn’t have your work time –and money –wasted by long, arduous interactions with slow customer care agents.

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