Looking for a new internet provider? Choose AT&T in 2022

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When you think about internet in the US, you think about AT&T. It is an institution within the internet industry and has been for over 100 years. So, why is AT&T internet a good choice for your home or office? HomeLinkd delves a little deeper into what you need to know about AT&T as a company and as an internet provider.

Four facts about AT&T you need to know

1. You may think that because AT&T is a modern telecommunications company it would possibly have been founded in the last 30 years. But this internet innovator was founded in 1885 — and was originally called the American Telephone and Telegraphy Company —by the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. That’s some iconic history.

2. As of 2022, AT&T has over 182 million wireless subscribers and over 14 million broadband connections.

3. AT&T is one the US biggest employers, with over 230,000 employees nationwide.

4. You can get 5G internet with AT&T. Currently, it is one of the only internet providers who have developed their 5G offering, which they released in 2016 in Austin, Texas to a small test audience.

The pros of AT&T

Choosing an internet provider in a market that is oversaturated can be difficult. Here’s why you should choose AT&T:


AT&T operates in 22 states, making it one of the biggest and most accessible internet providers in the US. The states you can find AT&T in are California, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Carolina, and Connecticut.

Equal Upload and Download Speeds

Not every internet provider can guarantee matching upload and download speeds, however, AT&T does. Why is this (symmetrical internet) important?

Tasks considered “uploads” are things that send data away from your device to a server. This could be activities like sending an email, posting a photo on Instagram, or sharing a news article on Facebook.

Tasks considered “downloads” are things where your device is receiving data —like downloading a movie, streaming a show on Netflix, downloading an email attachment, or scrolling down your Instagram feed.

Traditionally, ISPs prioritize higher download speeds —but this means sending mails or putting content on the ‘net can be frustrating and slow.

Matching speeds means all of your online activity is treated with the same priority.

High speeds and zero data caps

AT&T offers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps and has unlimited data caps. This makes AT&T internet deals an ideal choice for offices or homes with multiple people with many devices

Customers have choice

When it comes to the different types of internet connections, AT&T offers DSL, fixed wireless like 4G, and fiber.

DSL offers lower speeds, and is more affordable, which is ideal for casual internet users.

Fixed wireless is ideal for those who want fast speeds and the convenience of a mobile router or modem for travel or moving.

Fiber has the highest speeds and reliability (other than 5G), offering the perfect choice for homes and offices who use the internet all day and need a lot of bandwidth.


AT&T has internet plans ranging from $50 -$90 per month, making it one of the most affordable internet providers on the market. There is an activation and installation fee ranging from $35 if you do it yourself, or $99 if an AT&T professional does it, however, the equipment is provided.

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It is safe to say that choosing AT&T is a smart choice for your personal and business internet needs. From its affordability and high speeds to its revolutionary fiber and 5G technology, AT&T is a winning choice.

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