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In 2021, the viewing market of online gaming reached an eyebrow-raising 474 million global viewers ad has been on an upward trajectory since. So, as a gamer, wouldn’t you want to be performing at your best if you knew millions were going to be watching you and your vengeful opponents?

HomeLinkd’s gaming guide gives you the low-down on the best internet for gaming, the top gaming accessories, and our tips to get the edge on your opponents.

What’s important for online gaming?

You may be expecting us to suggest that a new, high-tech gadget that’s just hit the gaming market is the most important aspect of online gaming —but the answer is quite simple: high-speed, reliable internet. You could have all the tech and toys a gamer could ask for, but if your internet connection type is experiencing lagging and high latency, you're not playing at your best and the difference between a win and a loss is slim.

Best gaming internet

Out of all the options available at your fingertips, fiber optic internet is certainly the top choice for gamer internet. Measured in gigabits instead of megabits, fiber offers one of the highest internet speeds for gaming. And one gigabit is equivalent to 1,000 megabits!

Fiber also guarantees consistency with upload and download speeds, meaning the data you send and receive while gaming is delivered at the same speed.

‍In addition, fiber moves data to and from your server up to 20x faster than Wi-Fi, making high latency and lagging a problem only the losers must face.

Want to find out what the ideal gaming internet speeds are? Read more here.

Ideal internet speeds for gaming

For competitive gaming like Fortnite, PUBG or League of Legends, we recommend you begin your gamer internet standard at a minimum of 50-100Mbps. Anything less than 20Mbps may result in lagging or rubber banding (a gaming term used to describe random, jerky movements in a multiplayer game because of slow internet.) HomeLinkd has a wide variety of fiber packages on offer from the best internet service providers (ISPs) in the U.S. to help you climb the gaming ladder.

5 of the best accessories for online gaming right now

1. A game-changing headset

A quality headset for multiplayer gaming is a must. The HyperX Cloud Revolver headset has an over-the-ear design with true stereo sound and simulated surround sound. You’ll be able to hear the enemies from a mile away while sitting in the comfort of your bedroom.

2. A high-resolution monitor

Millions are spent on the graphics for competitive gamers, so why not fully enjoy it? Elevate the gaming experience by investing in a high-resolution monitor. Make sure to get a monitor that has a 1 millisecond response time, so there is no lag between what you’re doing on your console or keyboard — and what you’re seeing onscreen.

3. An ergonomic gaming mouse

This is something true gaming fanatics are going to drool over. One of the most exciting gaming tools on the market is the Logitech G502 ergonomic mouse. It has a 25,600 dots-per-inch optical sensor to track your every move, 11 programmable buttons for various profiles for different games, and the ability to change the physical weight of the mouse to improve your gaming performance.

4. A gaming desk

Up the ante with a designer gaming desk! The Mr Ironstone gaming desk is built for long hours and sweet victories -offering a metal frame with a cast iron tabletop; a curved front for close-up viewing; built-in sockets with USB ports and outlets; a hook for your headset, and a cup holder.

5. An HD webcam

Show your winning face with a 4K HD webcam from Logitech. It has 5x digital zoom and can be used for gaming, video chatting, Zoom meetings and more. In addition, it is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 7 and up, Chrome OS and Cisco. Clip it onto your laptop and PC and put your game face on.

How to create the perfect online gaming set-up

Looking to get a competitive edge on your gaming opponents? Even the smallest improvement in your home network set-up could make a difference.

Reset the modem or router

Before entering a battle, reset the modem or gaming router and ensure that it is up to date with the latest firmware. You can check the manufacturer’s website to see if there have been updates and how to do it manually.

Run a speed test

Run a quick speed test, and if your download and upload speeds are looking low, make sure to contact your service provider. They may be throttling your bandwidth, which will certainly result in high latency and lagging.

Upgrade your router

Using a router that’s fit for multiplayer gaming versus the average router for internet browsing will add a couple of points to your gaming performance. Coupled with a quality fiber package, you’ll be good to go.

Set up Quality of Service (QoS)

Nowadays, most routers have the ability to set up QoS. This setting allows the router to specifically identify gaming data as it transfers back and forth. You can set up your router to prioritize gaming traffic over other kinds of traffic like Netflix, email or social media browsing.

What is the best internet speed for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, you want to make sure that you have a fast and reliable internet connection. The minimum download speed for gaming is 3 Mbps, but the recommended speed is 5-10 Mbps. For FPS games or online shooters, you will need at least 8 Mbps for a smooth gaming experience. If you’re playing on a console like Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you will need at least 3 Mbps for offline gaming and 7-10 Mbps for online gaming.

Which internet service is better for gaming: fiber internet or cable internet?

Fiber internet is the way to go if you want a fast and reliable connection for gaming. Fiber optic cables are much faster than copper cables, so you won’t have to worry about lag or buffering ever again. Fiber Internet also has a more consistent connection, which is important for online gaming.

On the other hand, cable internet tends to be cheaper than fiber Internet. However, it doesn’t offer the same speeds or reliability. Cable Internet is also subject to interference from things like weather or electrical equipment, which can cause problems with your connection. So, if you want the best internet for gaming, we recommend subscribing to a fiber internet package.

Who are some of the best internet providers for gaming?

If you’re looking for the best gaming ISP, we recommend subscribing to one of the best fiber Internet packages from AT&T Fiber, Frontier and CenturyLink. They offer fast and reliable speeds that are perfect for gaming features.

For cable Internet, Spectrum internet is a good option. They offer speeds ranging from 300 Mbps going up to 1 Gbps and unlimited data caps in some areas, which is more than enough for gaming. However, keep in mind that cable internet is subject to interference from things like weather or electrical equipment, which can cause problems with your connection.

If you're looking for an affordable and reliable internet option, Cox internet is a great choice. With download speeds up to 940 Mbps, you'll be able to stream, surf, and game without any issues. Plus, Cox offers unlimited data so you can use as much as you want without worrying about overage fees.

We do not recommend a DSL internet connection for gaming online.

Fiber vs Cable: What you should consider when deciding between fiber and cable internet

What can gamers do to avoid lagging on their home internet plan?

There are a few things you can do to avoid lagging on your home internet plan. First, make sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection. The minimum download speed for gaming is 3 Mbps, but the recommended speed is 5-10 Mbps. For FPS games or online shooters, you will need at least 8 Mbps for a smooth gaming experience. If you’re playing on a console like Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you will need at least 3 Mbps for offline gaming and 7-10 Mbps for online gaming.

The best way to get a fast and reliable internet connection for gaming is to subscribe to a fiber package or a high-speed internet package. Another way to avoid lagging is to make sure you have a strong and stable WiFi connection. If you’re using a wireless connection, the best way to reduce interference is to use a 5 GHz router. Dual-band routers that offer both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies are also a good option.

You can also improve your WiFi signal by placing your router in a central location in your home and clearing off any obstructions. If you have a large home, you may need to invest in a mesh WiFi system to get full coverage.

Finally, make sure you aren’t using too much bandwidth. If you’re streaming movies or TV shows, downloading large files, or gaming on multiple devices, you may need a higher internet speed. The best way to find out is to run a speed test to see how fast your connection really is.

Can you use satellite internet for gaming?

Yes, you can use satellite internet for gaming. However, we don’t recommend it because of the high latency and potential for lag. Satellite internet is also subject to weather conditions, which can interfere with your connection. If you live in a rural area and don’t have access to fiber Internet, satellite may be your only option.

If you do decide to use satellite Internet for gaming, we recommend getting a package with speeds of at least 10 Mbps. You should also get a router that’s designed for gaming to minimize lag. Finally, make sure you test your internet connection before you start playing to ensure that it’s fast enough for gaming.

Get access to the best gaming internet service providers with HomeLinkd

Before jetting off to get your accessories, make sure the basics – like your internet connection — are covered first. HomeLinkd has several fiber packages from some of the best service providers in the U.S., making your choice an informed, quality one fit for your gaming needs. Low latency, faster speeds and gigabit connection for the ultimate online gaming experience are at your fingertips with HomeLinkd.

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