How effective are home security systems?

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According to a 2021 study based on crime statistics in the US, three out of four homes will be burgled in the next 20 years.

That’s a whopping 75% of homes, which may very well include friends, family and even your own home. Over the last decade, home security systems have received a massive upgrade. No longer are homeowners having to rely on a trigger-happy German Shepherd and a sign saying “Monitored by CCTV surveillance”. Although this may still work from time to time, your home needs a comprehensive, tech-forward system where your entire property is protected.

You may be asking yourself, “Are security systems even worth the cost?” HomeLinkd sheds light on the state of home burglaries and why getting a home security system is a necessity.

Five reasons to protect your home with a professional security system


While a security system is a significant expense, the cost of a burglary averaged $2,799 per household in 2021.

Another eyebrow-raising statistic shared was that 34% of burglars entered a home through the front door.

However, if a home had cameras or motion detectors at their front door, or the ability to lock and unlock the front door via a mobile app, this would increase protection and decrease the potential threat.

Deterrent to burglars

Obvious signs of an alarm system —such as stickers, yard signs, and outdoor cameras for video surveillance —have been proven to deter burglars, whose crimes are often opportunistic.

83% of perpetrators looked for signs of an alarm first —and more than half said they would give up if they saw one.

Peace of mind

A home has a 300% higher chance of getting burgled if it does not have a home security system.

‍Why choose to carry that risk and stress around with you? With a home security system installed, you can achieve some peace of mind knowing that your home is protected whether you're away or sleeping soundly.

With modern wireless security systems connected to the internet, you can also check in on your system from anywhere in the world, or even when you’re lying in bed.

Convenience and energy savings

Modern home security systems feature home automation capabilities that offer convenience and energy savings, which helps justify the extra cost of a security system.

Internet-connected lights and thermostats paired with a security system can adjust themselves to save energy when the system is armed —while smart door locks and connected garage door openers give you a secure way to let friends and family into your home.

Reduced home insurance premiums

It’s simple -homes that have comprehensive security will cost less when it comes to home insurance. It’s the same philosophy insurers follow if your car has smash-proof windows.

More so, if your home is robbed, it will go a long way in recovering your belongings with video footage to help with the insurance claims.

ADT’s security packages for your home

A well-known and long-trusted choice for Americans, ADT has more customers than any other US home security company, totaling 6.6 million.

Any awesome extras with ADT? Of course. When you sign up with ADT, you become a part of a professionally monitored network, and any alerts of attempted break-ins or fires are alerted to the ADT Central Station.

Its security systems come with a control panel with battery back-up, and a digital keypad to dial the police, fire department, and other authorities yourself.

Secure your home with ADT and HomeLinkd

Considering the frightening burglary statistics, and the average cost you may have to incur, there is no question that getting a home security system is the smart choice.

In addition to the long-term cost aspect, 25% of homeowners become a victim of a violent crime when interrupting a burglary.

Choose to protect your family and yourself with ADT.
Order your ADT home security system today!

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