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You can't put a price on safety. Protection for your family, household and assets is an absolute necessity. But you can put a price on great home security. Home security systems vary in technology, compatibility, functionality and cost. With so many systems on the market, which is best? If you want to make your home more secure, read on to see some of the best home security providers in the US, like Vivint and ADT —and what Homelinkd can offer you.

How to choose a home security system

You want to set up a user-friendly system in your home to suit your needs. While you can choose from many different types, be sure to answer these questions before you commit.

Are you looking for a home security system or a burglar alarm?

A home security system is more than a regular alarm.

A traditional burglar alarm is connected to door and window sensors, and sometimes garden beams. When an intruder sets off a sensor, law enforcement will be alerted and will arrive to deal with the case.

A security system can do all this and more. Depending on your needs, new-age home security can warn you about environmental dangers, such as fire, floods, or carbon monoxide leaks —which can be critical to your home —and save your assets

What or who are you trying to protect?

If you live in a small apartment and only want to protect your assets —all you’ll need is a simple home security system with added environmental damage detectors.

But if you’re worried about your family's safety in a large house with many entrances, you may need a more advanced system with cameras, sensors and professional monitoring for all doors, windows and blind spots.

Does your area have frequent power outages or poor internet connectivity?

Most security systems have batteries to continue operating when the power is out. But if your area has frequent power outages, think about getting a simple system that can operate on batter-power for longer.

When it comes to advanced systems, internet connectivity is important. The smarter your home and security systems are, the better your internet needs to be. If you live in an area with poor internet connectivity, consider a simplified version of home security systems.

5 things you should be looking for in a home security system

Once you've got an idea in your head about what kind of security system to look for, think about these 5 things next:

1. Value for money within your budget

You want to feel secure, but you don't need to break the bank. Choose a system with a good balance of cost to features. There are plenty of affordable options out there.

2. Flexible contract or timelines

Contracts can be a hack. They mean long, fixed timelines, early termination fees, and hidden clauses. Do you like upgrading to better deals and newer equipment as time goes on? Consider using an ISP that doesn't ask you to commit to a contract.

3. Professional installation

Getting your security system professionally installed is always quicker than doing it yourself. Financially, it could be more costly. Look at the installation offer that comes with your service. Would you prefer to do-it-yourself to save some cash? Bear in mind that DIY, pre-programmed systems are usually not as advanced as professionally installed ones.

Some ISPs offer free installation, so if you’re worried about cost, select from providers that don’t charge installation fees. If you want a complex system, it’s wiser to get it professionally installed.

4. Compatible home integrations

If you use smart digital home features, like smart locks, a smart doorbell, smart lights or smoke alarms, choose a security system you can pair them to.

Some smart homes with compatible integration will offer features like switching on your yard’s lights, or feeding you live video if someone rings your doorbell —even when you’re not home.

You can also add voice controls to your system and create custom automation routines to help your smart home security system run smoother.

5. Good monitoring and support

If there's an intruder on your property, you will want something to be done ASAP. You can get your home system to automatically contact the emergency service in your neighborhood.

You want a security system that is going to monitor your home properly, alert the authorities, and catch emergencies before they become disasters.

Best home security systems -according to top reviews

Vivint and ADT rank as two of the best home security systems on the US market.

With a 4.2 out of 5 rating, The Vivint Smart Home security system is voted the Best Overall Security System in 2021. It's a feature-rich, advanced system with high-end equipment that pairs seamlessly with smart home features.  Advantages include no contract, professional installation and extensive customization to suit a variety of needs.
Base price: $599
Monthly fees: $29.99+
Contract: No
Installation: Professional

ADT has a good reputation for its professionally installed, full-featured home security systems. But its DIY system, “Blue by ADT”, was voted the Best Affordable Home Security System, 2021. While ADT usuallyoffers long-term contracts, Blue is a no-contract, reasonably priced security system that's controllable by a simple mobile app.
Base price: $179.99
Monthly fees: $0 -$19.99
Contract: No
Installation: DIY

The benefits of ADT Home Security

A well-known and long-trusted choice for Americans, ADT has more customers than any other US home security company, totaling 6.6 million.

When you sign up with ADT, you become a part of a professionally monitored network, and any alerts of attempted break-ins or fires are alerted to the ADT Central Station. Its security systems come with a control panel with battery back-up, and a digital keypad to dial the police, fire department, and other authorities yourself.

The benefits of Vivint Doorbell Camera

One of the best additions that Vivint offers is its new smart doorbell camera. The 720p HD video camera and two-way audio lets you greet your visitors from anywhere in the world through the Vivint Smart Home app.

The doorbell can integrate with Alexa and Google assistant, and can use face recognition/ caller ID to tell you exactly who it is at your door. If you already have a Vivint security system in place and want to amplify your smart home, this impressive doorbell cam is for you.
Installation: Professional, free
Price: $249.99

Buy a home security system

Rather be safe than sorry. Installing a home security system is the smart choice for everyone. It can save you time and money in the long run, and will give you peace of mind. Whatever your preference is, we have the home security system for you, here at HomeLinkd.

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