Frontier FiberOptic's Triple Play Bundle

Yolisa Motha
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What better way to take advantage of one of the nation's fastest fiber-optic networks than by signing up for the Frontier FiberOptic triple play bundle?

With the ever-increasing popularity of streaming services and being present in the digital world—we understand the importance of having a fast and reliable internet connection.

If you're a digital genius, tech savvy—or just someone surfing the 'net for high-speed internet contracts, then keep reading on.

Let HomeLinkd break it down for you, and give you the reasons why you should be adding this deal to your list of potential ISP’s.

What is Frontier FiberOptic?

Frontier FiberOptic is a bundled internet, phone, and TV service that runs over a fiber-optic network in Oregon, Washington, California, Florida, and Texas.

Frontier offers a 100% fiber optic high-speed internet provider —attracting those looking for a fast internet connection, high-speed streaming, and the best home-phone quality.

The services offered by Frontier are guaranteed to be more reliable and faster —due to its entire network of fiber optic lines —than services offered by standard cable provider competitors.

Frontier is expanding to remote and rural areas, giving more and more Americans access to high-speed internet.

Due to the services being offered as a bundle—Frontier’s prices are affordable, too.

What is Frontier triple play?

In this day and age, people have adapted the "don't work hard, work smart" approach to life. So, many people have selected bundled contracts for their home connectivity.

Frontier is leading the pack, by offering users a triple play bundle —which includes internet, TV and phone services.

The triple play bundle contract comes with several options to choose from. With plans starting at $70 per month, you can get everything you need in one convenient package. Some of Frontier's best triple play bundle features include unlimited calling, 100Mbps symmetrical upload and download speeds, and up to 325 digitals available for your viewing pleasure.

For added convenience, all Frontier FiberOptic bundles come with a wireless router.

What are the triple play options available?

With Frontier FiberOptic, you get the benefits of fiber-optic technology mixed with all your home connectivity needs —tied up in a neat, personalized package.

These packages vary depending on your location and whether fiber is available in your area.

How can I tell if Frontier is the right service for me?

Frontier FiberOptic may be one of the best internet providers on the market when you take a look at their service, product offerings and affordable prices.

Consider switching to Frontier if you are:

  • Someone who's looking for unlimited internet. (Did we mention Frontier has no data caps?)
  • Someone who does not want to be tied down to the internet
  • Looking for fast providers who provide fiber internet speeds
  • Looking for symmetrical upload and download speeds

Did you know?

According to U.S. News, Frontier was ranked:

The bottom line—is Frontier FiberOptic the choice for you?

Our final thoughts?

We're quite impressed with everything Frontier has to offer!

Frontier has a plan for everyone —whether you're in the market for bundled services or high-speed connection.

With their affordable pricing and wide selection of plans designed to suit your needs, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Whether you’re after fast internet, a reliable, stable connection or a bundle option that ticks all your lifestyle boxes, Frontier FiberOptic has a plan for you.

We are especially impressed with their various triple play bundle options –with low prices and massive offerings —it's a deal worth considering.

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