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Internet Provider Comparisons

f you’re looking for the best internet rates per state, Homelinkd has the answers you’re searching for.

Read on to find out which states have the most and least expensive internet, broken down by Cable, DSL and Fiber Optic —as well as what makes internet connection differ in price from state to state.

Which states have the most & least expensive internet rates?

If you live in the US, you could be paying massively different prices to get connected to the internet. Where you live in America hugely impacts how much you pay.

The Federal Communications Commission states that a 25Mbps line is the minimum requirement for broadband internet speed —but many states still aren’t getting those speeds. While many households use far more than 25Mbps, some more rural parts of the country simply do not have this speed of internet available to them.

The average internet speed across America is 42.86Mbps, with cities and urban areas seeing much faster speeds, and lower prices, mainly due to infrastructural issues. Most ISPs are willing to invest in more populated areas, with a larger number of potential customers —which means rural internet providers do not have the same speeds, choices and price-points offered.

In response to COVID-19, the FCC launched the Keep American Connected Pledge, to make sure people living in the US didn’t lose their broadband or telephone connectivity during the pandemic, and more than 800 companies and associations signed up. While this initiative only lasted until June 2020, ISPs around the country like Spectrum and Cox made small improvements to offer more affordable internet.

Which states have the most expensive internet rates?

New America performs an annual Cost of Connectivity report, which takes a look at 296 cable, DSL and fiber plans, across the country to see where you can expect to pay more for connection. According to their research, fiber and cable cost per Mbps, while DSL and satellite are more expensive.

Which states have the most expensive internet?

On average, these are the top 10 most expensive overall internet rates per US state:

2.North Dakota
4.South Dakota
7.New Mexico
8.North Carolina

Top 5 most expensive DSL internet states

1. North Carolina and Oklahoma -$2.40 per Mbps
2. Arkansas and Utah -$2 per Mbps
3. Idaho and Oregon -$1.94 per Mbps
4. South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado -$1.83 per Mbps
5. Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland -$1.80

Top 5 most expensive cable internet states

1. Wyoming -$1 per Mbps
2. Delaware -$0.85 per Mbps
3. Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin -$0.83 per Mbps
4. Utah -$0.75 per Mbps
5. West Virginia -$0.70 per Mbps

Top 5 most expensive fiber internet states

1. New Hampshire -$2 per Mbps
2. Arizona -$1.20 per Mbps
3. Idaho -$1 per Mbps
4. Oklahoma -$0.82 per Mbps
5. Montana -$0.80 pe Mbps

Which states have the cheapest internet rates?

States with higher population density, or popular tourist destinations, usually see better internet deals. Major metropolitans like Texas, New York and California also have a lower Mbps cost.

Top 5 cheapest DSL internet states

1. South Carolina -$0.60 per Mbps
2. Indiana -$0.90 per Mbps
3. North Dakota -$0.92 per Mbps
4. Ohio and Illinois -$1 per Mbps
5. Nebraska -$1.04 per Mbps

Top 5 cheapest fiber internet states

1. Texas -$0.12 per Mbps
2. California -$0.27 per Mbps
3. Massachusetts -$0.40 per Mbps
4. Michigan -$0.44 per Mbps
5. Iowa -$0.50 per Mbps

Top 5 cheapest cable internet states

1. California -$0.04 per Mbps
2. Nebraska -$0.06 per Mbps
3. New York -$0.10 per Mbps
4. Oregon -$0.13 per Mbps
5. Utah -$0.14 per Mbps


Compare internet rates: check your state

While the US is one of the world’s most innovative countries in the world –not all states are equal in the price they pay for connection.

If you’re in a less populated, or rural area, you may find yourself paying higher internet rates for the same connection and speed as your neighboring state.

As with any purchase, be sure to compare internet rates before you sign a deal with your internet provider.

Use Homelinkd’s convenient internet comparison page to get a clear idea of what you can expect to pay, based on price, speed and data caps, here.

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