Best high speed internet providers in 2020

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Internet Provider Comparisons

High speed internet providers fit into an essential service category in 2020. In these times, simply having an internet connection is not enough. If you have a family that relies on internet services for entertainment, work and communication then you understand the necessity of a solid internet connection. Even if you’re a one-man-marching band, you might need high speed internet to ensure your uploads/downloads are efficient, swift and you’re able to operate at your optimum when online.

But what exactly do we mean by high speed?

Unlike the minimum requirements of the Federal Communications Commission set at 25Mbps; high speed internet sets the bar at a whopping 100Mbps and over! But why should you consider the difference and what about the pricing that’s involved? Simply put, lower level plans at the likes of 25Mbps won’t ensure you get the best internet out there. Expect loss of signal, unreliable speeds and tons of delays depending on the time of day. Your internet connection might not work efficiently half of the time that you’re connected. You will not hit the maximum speeds and should expect frustration with shared users. Forget 4K streaming while your kid is on a video call in the next room!You should be able to get more out of your internet plan no matter the connection type, avoid the peak of your frustration and get the most out of your internet plan with these high-speed internet providers. When we talk about high speed internet, we really mean high speed! Let’s look at some of the top choices and our recommendations based on plan, price and connection type:


Voted best for Fastest Internet Speeds and Most Affordable Internet Provider by Broadband Now in 2019, we’re impressed with Earthlink’s ease of use and support! Earthlink offers speeds up to 1000Mbps! No data caps or throttling and you get some awesome benefits along with various deals! Enjoy premium email and 24-hour support and stay connected the easy way with Earthlink!

Century Link

CenturyLink knows home is where the best internet is at! Enjoy 4K videoconferencing and HD gaming and streaming with CenturyLink’s Fibre Gigabyte internet! They boast optimum speeds that reach 1,000Mbps for $69.00/mo, so you can enjoy the smart home of your dreams!


AT&T high-speed internet plan offers you the Internet 1000 Plan at advertised 1000Mbps for only $49.99/mo, AT&T is one the largest providers in the US boasting coverage in over 30 states so you can be sure that you’re in good hands! Enjoy high speeds that facilitate online gaming, HD streaming and large file-sharing; perfect for both; work from home and entertainment with the family!


COX Gigablast brings you high speeds of 1000Mbps for $119.99/mo. Despite the higher price point, COX boast Panoramic Wi-Fi that aims to deliver the best speeds throughout your home! Forget dead zones within your house and enjoy uninterrupted connection and speeds for the whole family! Enjoy unthrottled speeds and fantastic customer service within the industry straight to your home!


Spectrum provides internet services to over 40 states in the US, settling as one of the largest providers in the US! The Internet GIG deal provides you with 940Mbps for $109.99/mo. You get fast speeds and no data caps! No need to get tied into contracts and Spectrum will buy yours out if you find yourself in one! The Spectrum Internet Gig covers more than 5 users and more than 10 devices at a time! Covering large homes with high usage and those with an affliction for streaming in HD and serious gaming requirements!

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