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Here’s what you need to know about Internet in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a relatively well-connected state, with wide Internet availability across most cities. Most cities have over 10 providers to choose from, giving them ample options at their disposal.

The Granite State has received approximately $44.5 million towards developing its broadband infrastructure. This has been put to good use, as studies show that around 98% of residents have access to a wired connection that can reach at least 10Mbps in download speed -with the most common type of Internet connection available being DSL and Cable.

Whether you're searching for high-speed Internet, an unlimited data cap, or Internet bundle contracts, rest assured that there is an option available to suit your needs and lifestyle!

New Hampshire Internet Coverage by Type

96% get DSL

28% get Satellite

93% get Cable

17% get Fiber

The state of New Hampshire has a total of 52 Internet providers available, with some of the top providers being:

• AT&T
• Spectrum
• CenturyLink
• EarthLink
• Frontier
The cities with the fastest Internet speeds in New Hampshire are:

Somersworth with an
average speed of 31Mbps

Newmarket and Pelham with an
average speed of 27Mbps

Windham with an
average speed of 26 Mbps

Who are the best Internet providers in New Hampshire?

Most New Hampshirites get to choose between a Cable or DSL connection, while a lucky few also have the choice of Fiber or a Satellite connection. With Internet speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 1000Mbps, residents can find a deal that's suitable to their needs, and their wallet.

Great ISP’s in New Hampshire

Max Mbps Download Speed


Fiber and DSL









Fiber and DSL








Internet Provider comparison in New Hampshire?

So, here's what we've found.

According to research, customer reviews, and availability, we found that AT&T, Spectrum, EarthLink and CenturyLink are among the top providers in New Hampshire.

• Currently has 3 plans available in both DSL and Fiber
• Prices range from $50 per month to $100 per month
• All plans are no fixed term contracts

• Has 7 Cable plans on offer
• Prices start from $70 per month and can go up to $153 per month
• All plans come with no fixed term contracts

• Has 3 Fiber plans with high speeds available
• Prices range from $70 per month to $100 per month
• Some plans come with a fixed-term 12-month contract and are available in selected areas

• Offers internet-only or internet bundle options
• Offers 3 Internet speeds
• Prices start from as low as $20 per month

Does New Hampshire have good Internet?

The Granite State has access to fast speed Internet in almost every city –and the internet rates aren't sky-high either! Your basic Internet plan costs on average of $50 or less.

Although some residents don't have access to Fiber in some cities —they do have the luxury of choosing between a high-speed DSL or Cable connection –which is widely available across the state.Dependent on the provider and the internet plan you choose, you'll be able to stream videos, game online and have multiple devices connected to your network without worrying about lagging issues.

Pros and Cons of the Internet in New Hampshire

  • Faster-than-average internet speeds are available in New Hampshire

  • High internet speeds = great for gamers and streamers

  • Relatively good Cable and DSL coverage across the state

  • Excellent customer service ratings

  • Internet speed of 1Gbps is available in certain cities

  • Some cities aren’t well connected, like Chesterfield and Bretton Woods

  • Can experience connectivity issues during peak times

  • Insufficient Fiber and Satellite provider diversity

  • Some areas have no wired Internet access available

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