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Here’s what you need to know about Internet in Missouri

Missouri is slowly moving to become one of the best connected states in the U.S. The Show-Me State is the 36th most connected state in the US, with an average download speed of 12Mbps.

Whether you're looking for an uncapped data contract, a plan with high Internet speeds, or both –you can find exactly what you're looking for across multiple Internet providers.

The state has also received federal grants to expand its broadband infrastructure –with special focus on the deployment of high-speed Internet access in more rural areas.

The most common types of Internet connection available in Missouri are DSL, Cable and Satellite.

Missouri Internet Coverage by Type

87% get DSL

79% get Satellite

79% get Cable

8% get Fiber

Missouri has a total of 95 Internet providers available, with the top providers being:

• AT&T
• Spectrum
• EarthLink
• CenturyLink
• Frontier
• ViaSat
• HughesNet
The top three cities with the fastest Internet speeds in Missouri are:

with 27 Mbps

with 26 Mbps

Lake Ozark
with 23 Mbps

Who are the best Internet providers in Missouri?

Whether you live in the city or in a more rural area, you still get several providers to choose from. Each provider offers deals in varying speeds, data caps and connection types. And, several of HomeLinkd's providers are featured in the top ten providers for Missouri.

List of HomeLinkd’s Internet providers in Missouri

Max Mbps Download Speed


Fiber and DSL






Fiber and DSL



Fiber and DSL



Fiber and DSL








Who is the best Internet Provider in Missouri?

We've done the digging for you!

According to our research and statistics, AT&T, Spectrum and EarthLink rank in the top five Internet providers for their overall availability to residents, customer ratings and range of packages available.

CenturyLink and Frontier are within the top ten providers, offering high-speed Fiber options with great customer ratings.

• Has 23 plans available with no fixed term
• Prices start from $55 per month and can go up to $195 per month
• Available as Internet-only, or as part of a bundle with added TV or phone services

• There are 7 deals are currently on offer
• All offers come with unlimited data caps and no fixed-term contracts
• Internet speeds range from 400Mbps to 940Mbps

• Currently has 6 plans on offer with unlimited data caps
• Prices begin at $50 per month and can go up to $100 per month
• The highest speed available is 1Gbps

• Has 4 plans on offer
• Has Internet speed of 1Gbps –also available as part of a phone bundle option
• All plans come with data caps

• Prices begin at $50 per month
• Self-installation options are available in certain locations
• Widely available across the state

Does Missouri have good Internet?

As the world progresses more into the digital age, the need for fast, reliable Internet increases. Missouri, being home to several Fortune 500 companies, has some of the best Internet providers operating in the state. And, although Fiber is not available in most areas yet, it is steadily growing.

Residents of Kansas City, Grandview and St Louis are fortunate enough to have their pick of affordable, reliable Internet plans.

Pros and Cons of the Internet in Missouri

  • Many cities have access to high Internet speeds –reaching a maximum of 1Gbps

  • Several of our providers received high customer ratings

  • DSL, Cable and Satellite is widely available across the state

  • Fiber is slowly becoming more available

  • Residents of Quincy, Old Appleton and Arcola have the poorest-ranked Internet access in the state

  • Highly populated cities can experience connectivity issues during peak periods

  • Some of the more popular providers are not available in certain areas

5 Fun facts about Missouri


Do you love waffle ice cream cones? The cones were invented at the St Louis World's Fair in 1904 after a vendor ran out of cups to serve his ice cream. How sweet!


The first ever museum dedicated to Jazz was founded in Kansas City, Missouri. If you're a lover of Jazz, head on over to the American Jazz Museum.


Did you know that Kansas City has more than 200 water fountains? The only other place with more water fountains is Rome!


It is prohibited to install a bathtub with four legs resembling animal paws.


The tallest monument in the US –measuring 630 feet –is the Gateway Arch located in St Louis.


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