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Here’s what you need to know about Internet in Minnesota

Minnesota is a fairly well-connected state. With a wide selection of Internet providers to choose from, residents have the leisure of choosing from a variety of Internet speeds, connection types and prices –letting Minnesotans choose a plan that suits their needs and their wallet.

Being the 18th most connected state in the US, Minnesota has an average download speed of 12Mbps.

The most common types of Internet connection in Minnesota are Cable, DSL and Satellite.

Minnesota Internet Coverage by Type

93% get DSL

74% get Satellite

84% get Cable

17% get Fiber

17% get Fiber Image for reference: Minnesota, known as the "star of the north", has a total of 120 Internet providers available.The top providers are:

• ViaSat
• CenturyLink
• HughesNet
The top three cities with the fastest Internet speeds in Minnesota are:

Bemidji with an average
speed of 26Mbps

Brainerd with an average
speed of 26Mbps

Austin with an average
speed of 24Mbps

Who are the best Internet providers in Minnesota?

Minnesotans have such a huge list of internet providers that they are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an Internet plan. Not only do they have a huge choice, they also have the choice of Cable, DSL, Fiber-Optic and Satellite connections.

List of HomeLinkd’s Internet Providers in Minnesota

Max Mbps Download Speed


Fiber and DSL











Who is the best Internet Provider in Minnesota?

You can sit back and relax, HomeLinkd has done all the research for you!

According to various sites and customer reviews —CenturyLink is one of the top Fiber providers, Frontier offers affordable and reliable DSL options, and ViaSat and HughesNet are the top Satellite providers in the state.

• Offers Internet bundle options or stand-alone Internet plans
• Prices start from $40 per month
• Offers one of the highest Internet speed plans in the state

• Internet speeds vary from 1Mbps to 115Mbps
• There are currently 3 plans available in the state
• Prices range from $33 to $50 per month

• Offers Internet bundle options –which include Voice or DIRECTV extras
• Widely available across the state
• Plans begin from $40 per month

Does Minnesota have good Internet?

Around 96% of Minnesota residents have access to at least one Internet provider, and more than 50% of the state has access to Internet speeds of 100Mbps or more.

When it comes to Internet speeds, certain areas of the state can choose speeds up to 1000Mbps –which is perfect for gaming, streaming, working from home or remote learning.

Minnesota also boasts a wide selection of affordable internet options, with some plans starting from approximately $30 per month.

Pros and Cons of the Internet in Minnesota

  • Fiber connection is available in some areas -great for online gamers and streamers

  • Good coverage across major cities

  • Internet speed of 1000Mbps is available in certain cities

  • Affordable Internet plans are available to most residents

  • Residents in more rural cities do not have access to fast Internet

  • Some cities experience connectivity issues during peak times

  • Insufficient Fiber providers

  • Some areas have no wired internet access available

5 Fun facts about Minnesota


Minnesota has thousands of lakes –11 842 to be exact –which is why it has the nickname "Land of 10 000 Lakes".


Inventions like scotch-tape, pop-up toasters and water skis were created in Minnesota.


Minnesota is the perfect place for those who enjoy boating, hiking and sailing, thanks to the state's parks –which are filled with forests, marshes, grasslands, rivers and lakes.


The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has a place in the top five contemporary art museums in the United States.


The largest ball of twine can be found in Minnesota –it weighs 17 400 pounds.


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