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When you’re on the hunt for great connection, there’s an endless amount of information out there to compare internet providers—but what really matters, and who is the best? Whether it’s speed, budget or location HomeLinkd is here with the answers you need when making a choice about which internet plans and providers to choose. Get the full report and make the best decision.

Which provider has the best Internet service?

Everybody’s needs are different. That’s why comparison of internet providers can be tricky business.

Maybe you’re looking for a trusted brand, value-for-money, flexibility, great customer support or super-fast speed. So, ask yourself –what’s important to you?

If you’re at home most of the time, using your personal internet, instead of a connection provided by your business, you may want to invest in a fast line that gives you reliable connection. As of 2020, we all know there’s nothing more unprofessional than unstable internet during a business meeting.

However, if you’re using your connection in your down-time to stream services, game or entertain —your quest to compare internet plans may depend on a reliable connection with great customer service, to get you back up and running without eating into your working hours or leisure time.

Maybe you’re not the biggest tech and internet user, and you connect mainly to take care of personal admin or send WhatsApps to the kids... either way, internet needs are individual.

To help you compare, here’s a list of the top 12 best overall internet service providers of 2021 ranked by Android Authority:

  1. Xfinity

  2. AT&T Internet

  3. Charter Spectrum

  4. Frontier Communications

  5. Verizon Fios

  6. Century Link

  7. Cox Internet

  8. Optimum

  9. Viasat

  10. Mediacom

  11. RCN Internet

  12. HughesNet Internet

All of these, and more, available to you on our HomeLinkd Compare Internet Providers page.

6 Factors to consider when choosing an Internet provider

Our comparison of internet providers was done by analyzing the most important factors to consider when searching for connection. But what are the factors you should think about when making your pick? We suggest you consider the following:

It goes without saying that internet connection prices in the US vary, and that not all internet service providers are budget friendly. While you can pay as little as $20 or as much as $100 per month for connection, the amount you pay is usually a good indication of the connect speed you can expect.

2. Reliability
With the world at large moving to Work from Home and entertainment as a whole becoming a more at-home affair, reliable internet connection has never been more crucial in the search to compare internet providers. Simply put, internet has to work.

3. Speed
Every household’s internet speed needs are unique. If you’re working from home, streaming online, gaming, or just using your connection to do personal admin —consider the number of people in your home, why they access the internet, and how often they’re in need of speed.

4. Service
When there are hiccups in your connection, the last thing you want to deal with is poor customer service. Make sure your chosen service provider doesn’t have a multitude of poor reviews online, or ask your friends, family and community about their experience with their provider. This will give you a good indication of what the service is like in your specific area.

5. Connection Type
When you compare internet plans, you definitely want to consider what type of connection suits your needs. There are 6 types of high-speed internet access, as described by the Federal Communications Commission, namely:

Comparison of Internet Providers: The Homelinkd Guide

When you compare internet providers, make sure you take your individual needs into consideration, instead of going with the first package you lay your eyes on.

There are many important factors like customer service, connection speed, type reliability, ease of installation, flexibility and budget to consider.

At HomeLinkd, we offer a comprehensive range of internet service providers, to cater to a wide variety of needs:

HomeLinkd: Compare internet plans


Line speed: up to 1,000 Mbps
Data caps: unlimited
Service: 24/7 phone support. Free email addresses
Price: from $49.95
See deals here.

AT&T Fiber

Line speed: from 100 –1000 Mbps
Data caps: 1TB unlimited
‍Service: Free Wi-Fi, equipment & installation
Price: from $50 -$90
Call now


Line speed: up to 940 Mbps
Data caps: unlimited
Service: Included modem, Access to Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation
Price: from $44.98
See deals here.


Line speed: from 6 -1,000 Mbps
Data caps: unlimited
Service: 2 year price lock on a 2 year contact. Month to month has 1 Year price lock.
Price: from $29 -$200
See deals here.


Line speed: up to 200 Mbps
Data caps: unlimited
Service: price for life
Price: from $49
Call now.


Line speed: up to 25 Mbps
Data caps: 10 –50 GB
Service: Free Installation*, video data saver, no cut-off at cap.
Price: from $59 -$149
Call now


Line speed: from 12 -100 Mbps
Data caps: 35 –150 GB
Service: 2 year price lock, month to month
Price: from $50 –150
See deals here.

Compare Internet Plans with Homelinkd

HomeLinkd offers you the easiest way to navigate the comparison of internet providers, with our aggregator. Here, you can compare providers based on your needs, against price, speed and other requirements. HomeLinkd will provide you with the best in comparative options and assist you in deciding what best suits you, your needs and your home today. Compare internet providers here.

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