Best Streaming TV Services 2021: Category Breakdown

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Thinking about cutting the cord and making the jump from cable box TV to streaming services? Homelinkd’s internet TV providers have all the details you need when making the leap.

If you’re tired of standard TV, and looking for an offering that provides you with content you really want to view, TV streaming services are the way to go. Not only can you watch incredibly produced blockbusters, series and movies tailored to your exact taste —you don’t get stuck paying for channels you never use.

From who offers better service, to who’s giving more choice, and how you can gear your home for a greater experience —Read on to see Homelinkd’s round up of the best streaming TV services in 2021 for ultimate streaming satisfaction.

The best TV streaming services broken down by category

While streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have been literal household names, and reigned supreme in the last 10 years, bandwidth and internet advancements seen in more recent time have pushed entertainment providers to go digital.

Newer TV streaming services like HBO Now, Disney Plus and even YouTube have presented different and improved offerings to keep up with demand.

And, in just one week in 2020, overall TV streaming grew by a massive 20%, according to WarnerMedium Entertainment (HBO’s parent company). With time spent on its streaming service, HBO Now, increasing by 40% in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More and more households are choosing streaming as their primary source of entertainment, and that means more choice in premium online entertainment.

The best TV streaming services broken down by category

TV streaming providers differ in everything from content, to pricing and customer satisfaction. So when you’re deciding which streaming packages to pick, you need to know what you’re looking for. Here’s Homelinkd’s guide to great TV streaming options, broken down by category.

The best TV streaming services for kids

In search of a way to keep the kids entertained? Look no further.
These streaming services offer great parental controls and educational content.

1. Sling TV
2. Curiosity Stream
3. Disney Plus
4. Kidoodle

These internet streaming services give a mix of educational and fun content, while providing you with the security of knowing your kids won’t be watching the wrong kind of content

The best TV streaming services for sports

You’ll never miss a live goal again with these TV streaming services.

1. Hulu Sports
2. Peacock Live Sports Online
3. YouTube TV
4. Fubo Sports Network

While some of these streaming services offer sports channel ad-on capabilities, so you can get a variety of entertainment —others offer sport-only packages to satisfy all your sport-watching needs.

The overall best TV streaming services

If you’re in need of pure streaming entertainment, these providers offer a diverse offering to suit all your online TV demands. With fan favorites, and all the series you’re used to getting these big-name streaming services are a great replacement to Cable TV.

1. Netflix
2. Amazon Prime Video
3. Apple TV+
4. Hulu
5. Paramount
6. Peacock (NBC)
7. HBO Max / HBO Now
8. Discovery+

These TV subscription services offer a mix of movies, series, sports and kids’ entertainment, so you’re sure to keep watching.

Internet TV providers for streaming TV services

There’s no great streaming without a good TV service provider. So, if you’re considering cutting the cable, make sure you’re not left with a pixelated picture when you switch to online entertainment.

Here’s Homelinkd’s list of the best streaming TV services.

1. DirectTV
Available Channels: 330+
Connection Type: Satellite
Bundle with Internet: up to 1000Mbps

2. Dish
Available Channels: 290+
Connection Type: Satellite
Bundle with Internet: up to 1000Mbps

3. Spectrum
Available Channels: 200+
Connection Type: Cable
Bundle with Internet: up to 940Mbps

4. Cox
Available Channels: 140+
Connection Type: Cable
Bundle with Internet: 1000Mbps

5. Frontier
Available Channels: 155+
Connection Type: Fiber
Bundle with Internet: up to 1000Mbps

These internet TV providers come with perks to make your online viewing better, and offer added extras like voice remotes, download options and good-for-streaming speeds to make your experience world-class.

Compare streaming TV packages with Homelinkd

When you swap out Cable TV for a more modern viewing experience, you’re sure to get a good dose of entertainment more suited to your needs.

Gone are the days of paying for content that you’re simply not watching —and now, more than ever, you can get a premium viewing experience on the world wide web.

Whether it’s kids’ entertainment, or non-stop sports —the best productions being made today have shifted to a more convenient location.

Make the switch with some of the US’s best streaming TV services, designed to help you get a better online viewing experience, available on Homelinkd.

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